Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Falling For Fall

Fall is a season that tends to creep up on you, I find. One minute you are basking in the glow of a hot summer sun, and the next you are adding a hoodie over your t-shirt.

Fall is kind of tricky that way. It seems to blow in on one cool breeze, a single moment at a time.
Not only that, but a single article of clothing at a time.

Today, I looked down at myself as I sipped coffee, and had the startling realization that I was in true winter garb. I was wearing a t-shirt with a hoodie over it instead of just one or the other. I had jeans on, and the real symbol that the weather has turned frostier-socks. If I can help it, I'm usually foot loose and fancy free with my toes out. Socks means it's truly gone all chilly.

It all started innocuously enough. I remember starting the girls school year with capris and flip flops on my feet as I trudged them up to the bus stop. Then it became capris, flip flops and a sweatshirt. Soon, the capris were replaced with actual pants! That day almost broke me. There's nothing like slipping into zipper and button pants after a lounging summer in drawstring waist pants to make you feel like you've gained 15 lbs over the summer hiatus. Still, I clung to my flip flops like a shipwrecked individual to a life preserver.

Then, a week or so ago, we had to go out to our storage and pull out fleece coats. Now, on top of the pants and sweatshirts, we have a new layer of cozy. Finally, it was time for the dreaded socks. I packed away my flip flops with a lump in my throat. Oh, I know I'll see them again next year. But what a long stretch it will be til I'm barefoot in the grass, again.

As I look out my window and sip my coffee, in all of my warm weather regalia, I can't help but sigh a little. Fall truly is my favourite season. I love the crispness in the air. I love all of the bountiful colours of leaves falling in my yard or hanging precariously to long, bony branches. I love all of the comfort foods that are now creeping into my menu planning and the warm duvet to crawl under each night.

Fall is here. It may have stealthily inched it's way into our hearts, but it's arrival is a blessing each time.

Except for the socks. Oh how I loathe the socks.


  1. Flip flop fanatic here too!! You could do like I do and just wear them around the house all winter, like slippers. Once warmer weather rolls around and I continue to wear FFs out of the house, I feel like I am getting away with something. Ya know, like running errands in my slippers. LOL I, too, loathe the socks and real shoes...ick! We all go barefoot in the house regardless of the season or weather. The grandparents can't quite understand this phenomenon. And your description of the progression of clothing?? Dead on! Exactly the same here!

  2. Ha! Peter wants to see if we can make it to Christmas without turning the heat on. He makes me laugh, doesn't he make you laugh? Ha! I've been in socks for weeks now, our gosh-darn house is so very chilly, I often have fuzzy slippers over my socks too. Let's wish for a quick, pleasant winter so we can all get back to barefeet soon. I haven't done the clothes switchover yet but it's on the list for this weekend. I dread it.