Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Roller Derby Girl

I haven't seen Drew Barrymore's new movie, "Whip It" but the whole concept of roller derby has always appealed to me. I know, crazy idea say WHAT?

I have NEVER gone inline skating, but roller derby requires actual four wheel rollerskates. Now, I haven't done that EITHER since I was about 10, but I was quite the roller babe back in the day. I can skate backwards, forwards, spin, do the big circles backwards. I shouldn't say "I can" actually. I used to be able to, anyways.

So, I started thinking about how much fun that would be to join. You get to join a team of women and pick out a cool nickname. In the roller derby world, I don't think MissManneredMom would quite be tough enough. I think they pick the moniker based on your skating and playing style. I hope "Tottering Terror" or "Falling Flat" wouldn't be the names I'd be given.

Roller derby just seems up my alley. I've always enjoyed sports that are a bit more aggressive. Add a cute outfit and a funky nickname and really, what could be better than that? I'd be able to get physical activity, hang with cool chicks, get out my frustrations and aggressions and look semi-cute doing it. Well, maybe. I'm also the type to get black eyes and get my teeth knocked out, and THAT would not be a good look on a 30 something mom of two.

I'd run out and buy some rollerskates today, but I don't think they have rollerskating rinks anymore. So where do these roller derby leagues take place? And are there that many to join? I haven't heard of any in my area, but then again, I haven't really looked either.

I'm having visions of myself whipping around the rink, hair a flying and dark shadowed eyes a blazing. Watch out all! It's the Red Thunder!!!!

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