Friday, October 23, 2009

Hiney Flu

That's what my sister calls it-the "Hiney Flu" because of the H1N1 thing-you know it looks like it spells hiney. Never mind, my family are a bunch of warped individuals.

So, here's the deal though. Can we PLEASE get some sort of consensus on this vaccination thing? I feel confident in my decision one way or the other, and then WHAM someone else presents me with information they've gleaned. If I get into one more discussion with both sides saying they talked to health officials and some were told NO and some were told YES, I might completely lose it.

Then there's all the media hype and paranoia about Guillaine-Barre and Dystonia and mercury levels and thermasol and...............what's a Mom to do?

Health Canada has approved the vaccine, which I imagine takes a lot of study and testing. I don't think they'd just pass any old vaccine. They've learned their lesson on that from all of the deformed children born to mothers after the "morning sickness" shot. So, it's not that I'm "overly" concerned with that aspect.

There are schools closed because of how many children are out right now with the flu. There have been deaths in perfectly healthy, not "at risk" individuals, some being teens living not far from where I do. And yet, when I talk to most people I know working in hospitals, they say that the majority of individuals getting the swine flu are only presenting mild cases.

So.....ya. As you can see by this blog I have no stinkin' clue what I'm going to do. Today I say "YAH," and tomorrow I'll say "nay."

What are your thoughts? Are you getting the vaccine? Concerns?

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  1. We're not getting the vaccine right now. We are taking extra cautionary measures to try to avoid getting sick and if it spreads and develops into fatalities like the W.H.O predicts, we'll reconsider but as of right now, we're going to depend on our immune systems.