Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm Dreaming of an Ebay Christmas.....

I know we just got past Thanksgiving folks. However, some KEENERS on my facebook are already talking about Christmas and gifts and what they have started buying and well, it kind of lit a fire under my butt.

See, I have to get a large majority of my gifts finished by mid-November. I have to mail two sets out, and I also have to have the ones for my family "back home" bought, wrapped and ready to go for my last visit before Christmas. That includes two nieces, a nephew, my Mom and whomever else I'm blanking on right now. I looked at the calendar this afternoon and realized that CRAP, mid-November is only a few weeks away.

The good news is that when those gifts are bought and sent out, it leaves me with "only" teachers, bus drivers and my immediate family. Phew. Last year, I had everything purchased and wrapped weeks before Christmas and could truly just ENJOY the holiday without being up until 3am wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve.

Once I started down this path of Christmas thinking, I started mentally making up my OWN list. Of course. I'm equally altruistic and selfish.

Most of the gifts I'd like this year aren't available in stores near me. The things I want are few-but difficult to find. Unless you look on ebay! I'm hoping my husband will take my many, many hints to come as I casually throw out the words ebay and jadeite several times from now til Christmas shopping time. He's not one to catch on but surely my mention of a black Coach purse will give him pause. My sister has a hookup for a crazy deal on Ugg boots that would surely be reasonable. Other than that, I'll take some new jammies, a jewellery box and of course, books.

I could even try some subtle subconscious whispering when he's sleeping. If you see him out on the street somewhere, drop a "Fire King" his way and hopefully it'll all work out nicely.

Happy Shopping to you and yours! What's on YOUR list?


  1. You talkin' to me???? Am I one of those FB Keeners?? Gotta love me regardless! lol

  2. I like waiting till after Thanksgiving to shop. Doesn't feel like Christmas season till then :)

  3. Chauncie-I was laughing when I wrote that KEENERS because I was hoping you'd catch on. LOL Teasin! And ya-course I love ya!

    Stephanie-It IS after Thanksgiving-here! LOL

  4. Nothing better than being a well-loved KEENER!! :o) And btw, I am hoping to wrap up my card selection and purchase this week! lol