Friday, December 17, 2010


Dear Blog Readers,

Hi there! Hope you are all doing well and getting excited for the Holiday Season-whatever it is that you celebrate in your homes. Here, we are busy with a hundred different things it seems and nowhere near ready for the big day! Yippee!

I thought I had this whole thing covered and was patting myself on the back, but then the startling realization hit that SMACK, umm no. I have baking to donate for the school raffle on Monday, (me+baking=not pretty) Christmas cards still to mail out, groceries still to buy, presents to wrap, two school Christmas concerts, one dance Open House, and a few more things I won't bore you with via the good 'ol "To Do" list. I figure I should be done by Wednesday. I know, cutting it dangerously close.

On top of this, we're planning a trip to Florida and I'm starting to get overwhelmed by that list and the money needed to accomplish it all. We still have to get passports and get our dog a vaccination so she can be boarded. We've never left her without it being with family, so that's making me teary. We haven't taken her there yet either so, they may not even agree she's cool enough to board. Fingers crossed. Then there's the whole bills, needing to get my teeth fixed and the fact that my credit card is almost maxxed and now sizzling.

So, dear bloggy readers, this is why I've been hit or miss when it comes to jotting down my thoughts for all of you anxious to read them. This season is about joy and family and peace, or it's supposed to be anyways. Currently, it feels like it's about mayhem and money and checklists. It's also bittersweet because I'm far away from extended family. I think I've only missed one Christmas without seeing them at some point-in my ENTIRE life. I may be smiling through tears on Christmas morning.

If I'm sparse in the upcoming week or so, please know that I'm just running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I hope you are doing well and enjoying the season. Take some time to breathe it all in and sit in silence, letting the meaning for the season wash over you and make what you're scurrying to and fro about make all that more sense.

From our home to yours,

Happy Holidays!!!

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