Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Patient?

One of my dear friends had surgery a few days ago (she's all good!) and has been told she's to take it easy and rest. Well, the day she left the hospital, which might I add was the day after her surgery, she went and got her nose ring put back in and had a pedicure. Whaaaat? I gave her a talking to and told her to get her butt into bed. Lucky for her I'm bossy like that, and she listened (mostly) and has been doing a whole lot of nothing.

It's driving her crazy. I've informed her she's truly a bad patient.

She updates me about movies she's watched or books she hasn't started. Her Facebook status updates contain several references to "not being cut out for this lying around stuff" and basically how she is going stir crazy. She also made mention to me that she can't fathom just hanging out at home every day.

Well, that's pretty much what "I" do. I don't mean the lying around part, contrary to the stereotype. I mean as a Stay At Home Mom. I kind of, er.......stay at home?

I told her that for me, a typical day involves meal planning, bill paying, errand running, chore doing, dog walking, kid bathing and homework checking. All of which mostly take place at home.

Her husband has plans to go away for the weekend, and has arranged for their daughters to go to Grandma's. Once again, my friend was unsure what she'd do for a whole weekend by herself.

Are you KIDDING me? I would take that in a hot minute. I would sleep in and watch trash TV and order in take out and lie in bed.....just like Brian Wilson did.

I gave her some suggestions and tips for things she could do while she's convalescing but she seemed doubtful. She said she's got to be on the go usually. How often, as Moms especially, do we get time to really just do nothing? Yet, when we're presented with the opportunity, we don't know what to do with ourselves? I've had many times where I get to go on a "girls weekend" and once there, spend half my time thinking about my kids. I know we can all relate to dinners out with our husbands where we spend the time talking about our family stuff.

When you get the time to just chill and do whatever it is that YOU want and you don't have to worry about schedules and routines and meals and laundry, I think you should savour it. Every last moment of it.

In the end, it allows us weary Moms to rejuvenate and re-energize and come back into the chaotic fray with renewed vigour.

So, she's watched a season of "Sister Wives," loved "Eat, Pray, Love" and is currently sorting through old photos. Ah.....she's learning, young grasshopper. The path ahead is lined with pillows and cookie crumbs, bed head and brain drain. It is worth the journey! Ommmmmm.

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