Monday, December 6, 2010

Is Twitter Like Online Dating?

I have always thought of myself as a great judge of character. I've made a few blunders over the years, but in general, I can kind of sniff out an individuals inner "shtick" really quickly. I can tell who is bluffing and who is genuine in a hot minute. Mostly. I hear that makes me judgemental in some people's eyes, but I look at it differently. I don't want to waste my time, or theirs, if we just don't click. I'm not saying just because "I" don't dig you that you are a bad person with no integrity, it's more like "it's not you it's me."

I find the same thing with online relationships. I can discern pretty quickly whether someone is my type of person after a few exchanges. There are people that crack me up, but I know in person we wouldn't have similar lifestyles or interests. There are people that speak to the intellectual side of me (and yes, I do have one!) but might be a little too intense for daily me. Then, there are the people that strike just the right balance.

So, I've joined Twitter. At first, I didn't see what the draw was for joining. I had friends totally into it but it seemed silly to me to just update what amounts to a status repeatedly throughout the day. I figured it might be worth a shot given I live in a completely new province, as a way to connect with what is happening in my city and the others (moms mostly) that make up it's buzz.

I'm glad I did. I've found out about what's going on event wise, news wise and socially like which restaurants are good and where to go to get a haircut or get my dog groomed. That's all good information.

The tricky part is cultivating real friendships and relationships. It's like online dating, where you get along really well over the computer screen and you know what you're looking for, but you worry that the face to face might be the deal breaker.

I guess the only way to really know is to put yourself out there right? I guess I'm just hoping that someone feels the same connection and wants to get to know me better as well.

I like walks on the beach, good books, laughing, and a nice glass of wine.


  1. I am on twitter too @fitforakid - but I'm really hot and cold on it. I get into it, and then I get bored. Right now, I like to log on, see if anything is happening and then leave it. I find you can really get sucked in and waste a TON of time.

    I'll look forward to your opinion after you've been on for a good chunk of time.

  2. i (aka @michellemccann) have to say, the halifax twitter commununity is awesome ... wonderful, welcoming people at events like #halifaxchicks, #twushi and #podcamphfx ... it took me a while to jump in and get to know people, but it was so worth it! :)

  3. I'm definitely finding that Michelle! Hope I get a future invite to some of those events! (when I prove I'm just an "acceptable" amount of crazy. :)