Sunday, January 20, 2013


As you saw from my last post, the past week was rather interesting. Lots of appointments happened, lots of fun ensued.

It seems that I'm very healthy and all is well, *except* for the pesky fact that I'm anemic and low in B12 and because I hadn't gone to the doctor since 2009 according to her records (oops!) there's no way of knowing quite HOW long I've been anemic. I can honestly say I don't remember a time when I haven't felt fatigued on the daily, so it might explain a lot.

I started the B12 and Ferrous Sulfate yesterday, and I wish I was joking when I say I am waiting for this miracle that is renewed energy. When my doctor called with the results, she said she couldn't even comprehend how I've been doing the things I have-like running 15k in a blizzard. I told her just to wait and see what I do when I'm not chronically a Zombie! I really don't even understand what that will look like!

I didn't get the results until AFTER I had donated a pint of my blood, which was probably NOT my smartest idea ever, but if I'm anything, it's stubborn. I was exhausted that evening and went to bed early. That feeling continued all the way through the rest of the week and into the weekend.

After a "dance off" party with my niece and daughter, my niece and I stayed up chatting and watching "Downton Abbey." As we got ready for bed, my daughter started throwing up. Greeeaaat. Fast forward to a night of vomit and no sleep. The good news is-my kids are awesome barfers. It's been a very, very rare occurrence that they don't  make it into the toilet. So, there's that.

We had a super quiet weekend, I blew off my LSD run of 12k today and we just lounged between loads of laundry. My husband was a rock star and did some of the groceries and made a yummy pork roast for dinner last night, too, along with some risotto for the win!

It was a strange, off routine week, so I'll be glad to get back at everything. I bought a bunch of iron and B12 rich foods in my groceries, got a great menu plan going, have a Book Club night and a Wine Club night in the rotation, and many workouts and runs.

Well, that is if I make it through the predicted -30C and 90km winds that they're predicting! Yuck! I kinda hate winter, and February is the month I hate the most, but at least we're almost there and Spring is around the corner!


  1. Glad you got a diagnosis. I'm chronically anemic too. I discovered this in 2008 after I landed in bed for three days after donating blood a few weeks beforehand. As a result I can no longer donate blood because I work so hard to keep my iron levels up that it depleted them too far for me to recover quickly, which makes me really upset but I need to look out for myself first.

    I have B12 shots ever 3-4 weeks and take ferrous gluconate (I can't take sulfate because of the red dye on the pills) and have been doing so since 2008. It is not an overnight fix but you'll see a difference in a few months. One thing is if you drink tea at all, don't drink it within an hour of taking your supplement...tea will hinder the absorption. Also, try pairing things together for a boost like oranges with oatmeal.
    Once your iron levels are at normal range again I bet you'll see an marked decrease in your insomnia. I always know when my iron levels are low because I can't sleep very easily or for very long (which is ironic (ha!) when you're so exhausted.

    1. Thanks Tammi! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person that felt completely knocked out by donating blood! I've donated before without issue, but this seriously threw me for a loop! I'm struggling to regain any momentum and still feel pretty unmotivated. Getting this diagnosis explained a lot for me-I might "do" a lot physically, but many days doing that one workout and preparing dinner is about all I seem to be able to muster! It's disheartening when there's so much I'd like to accomplish but just feel "blah" about, in general!

      My doctor will see me again in 3 months, hopefully by then, with Spring in the air, I'll have some oomph in my step again!

      My doc is pretty fab-told me to take the iron with OJ, on an empty stomach if I can tolerate it, and never to take caffeine with my pills.

      I'd love to not feel so fatigued, and you're right, the insomnia thing is so ridiculous and quite the Catch-22! I hope i'm a better, peppier me sooner than later!

  2. You've just inspired me to make a doc appt, although I've seen him here and there for different things, I haven't had a full check up since before I got pregnant with my youngest who is now 3. Whoops.

    Glad they diagnosed you too, and you have a plan going forward. LOVE how you told her to wait and see what you can do once you're no longer anemic!!

    1. Glad to hear it Christy! Make the appt TODAY. DO it. Now. I'll

      I'm HORRIBLE with making appointments for myself. I'd NEVER let my kids go unchecked but myself? meh!

      I'm really looking forward to not feeling down and out most of the days! Who knows what's next! :)

  3. I can't get over all the amazing stuff you have been doing and all along being anemic...I'm thinking once you get this corrected your going to be BLAZING LIKE A RED HEADED FIREBALL :)

    1. LOL! Love it Katie! That's me-a blazing red headed fireball! :) My flame has just been a flicker, but you wait and watch it IGNITE! :)