Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Moving Forward...

January seems to be moving past at an alarming rate, no? If the whole year continues on this way, it may be over and done in the blink of an eye!

While I've been getting into my new workout and nutrition plans, I've also been doing some of that other "stuff" from my long, long, ignored "To Do" list.  One of those things was to um, see the doctor!

I'm a huge procrastinator when it comes to physicals, generally because it's often resulted in some sort of unwelcome news for me. I'm not even going to lie to you, I've also always hated stepping on the scale and have been embarrassed to see the number come up that did. I'm good at avoidance and denial, obviously.

In my current "Venturing" state, I grabbed the bull by the horns and made a long overdue appointment. Well, fun times ensued, I tell ya! They have a cool new digital scale that records your height, weight, and BMI all at once. Neat eh? It wasn't so bad, this time around. The nurse also did a waist circumference check at this visit, again something I've never had before and would have previously been mortified having to face. No sweat this visit!

However, with some of the issues I'd been experiencing, for years, my doctor felt a myriad of tests might be a good idea. I had several things checked in my blood work, and she scheduled a few ultrasounds. Ya, a few. 

My Dad had an aneurysm on his stomach which basically resulted in his passing away, due to complications from the surgery. Aneurysms can be hereditary, so she wanted a stomach ultrasound. We also did a pelvic to check for cysts or fibroids. Fun times! I had all of those today, and I am sporting some nice bruises from the blood work and the prodding today. I have a feeling my iron levels may come back low.

Tomorrow, I'm donating blood for the first time in forever, if, again, my iron levels are okay. 

All of these appointments and fasting seem to have thrown me off, and I've been feeling pretty run down. I didn't work out yesterday or today, and won't be able to tomorrow either after donating blood.  I'm okay with listening to my body, because a few days does not make or break a month or year long plan.

I'm following a half marathon training plan so I can be ready to kick some bootay come Spring. It's funny to me that at one point I was a nervous wreck about 5k, and now I run 10k easily, for "fun." What?   We did 11k on Sunday with Run Club, in the pouring rain, and I felt pretty okay except for being drenched! I've literally never been that soaked through ever, ever before! We sat at Starbucks in our sopping clothes (I was stupidly wearing cotton!) and chatted for a bit, but the chills set in pretty quickly. Once home, I showered, put on jammies, got under the covers, had soup and tea. I didn't get warm for hours. Again, my iron levels might be suspect here.

My husband has been running with me, and I've been pushing him out of his comfort zone a little. He still swears he "hates" running but he's up to 7k and I think could do 10k easily. He's not winded or  anything so I'm sure he's ready. He's also very competitive, so I know he HATES that I'm running further than him. That will propel him to get there. My not-so-secret plan is to keep pushing him so we can do the half together. I'd love to cross that finish together, hand in hand. It's, of course, symbolic, and as we are coming up on 20 years together, I just think it would be an awesome accomplishment for us to share. Honestly, I'd rather do THAT than a fancy date or dinner. Yes, I'm a freak.

Lastly, part of what keeps me inspired is that in February we are headed to SUNSHINE and warmth. We're going to Florida for a week and I cannot wait! I'm looking forward to swims and runs and the sun on my face instead of shivering in the cold. It will be a nice break in the winter drudgery and a mind pause from my constant rattling worries.

Plus, it will be a test to running in heat. It all comes back to that, right?


  1. I am so glad you went for your physical. If I hadn't listened to my body last Spring and chalked my body issues up to just "stuff", I never would have gotten my D2 diagnosis until much later. I bet telling the doc how your running and weight loss has been going was moment of pride! I love doing that!

    My iron runs low all the time. I put spinach in my smoothie every morning ,and take a multivitamin. If I don't, look out when my monthlies come. I be one tired lady.

    Running with your husband is fantastic. I loved doing the Resolution Run with him. I hope you do get to run a half with him!

    1. I mean my husband. Obviously I need more coffee *slurp*

  2. I eat a lot of iron rich foods, and B12...but apparently not enough to counter the craziness that happens monthly! TMI but you know what I'm sayin'! LOL

    I'm loving the time with my hubby. We're both crazy competitive and intense people...and in a good way, we push each other. Plus, HELLO, is there ANYTHING hotter than seeing them workin' it out? swoon! :)