Monday, January 7, 2013

So It Begins....

I took a little run the other day, in the snowy, blowy weather, where we were getting dumped with yet another bazillion centimeters of  BLECH. Seriously, it's been snowing for what seems like FOREVER. Enough already!

I was supposed to go in the morning with my Run Club, but after a heinous night with little sleep, I woke up feeling dizzy and like I might be sick to my stomach. I decided to pull the plug on the run and go back to bed. An hour later, I was up and out the door to get groceries for the next two weeks.

I make my meal plans and shopping lists based on the flyers for stores in our area and what is on sale. Once I know what I'm buying, I can figure out a plan for what I'm going to be making. I break it up into categories:  one vegetarian meal per week, one fish, one casserole that will net leftovers, one soup and lunches. Then there are the standards and "whatever I feel like that day" openings.

I got what I needed, came home and unpacked it all, and laced up my sneakers.  Oh, my, goodness. I planned on 5k but by the time I FINALLY hit the 1k mark, I knew that might have been aiming too high! The sidewalks were largely unplowed, the road itself slippery and slick. I did my normal loop, at almost double my normal pace. As I got to the 3k mark I pretty much wanted to throw in the towel, but I was far enough from home that I needed to continue. As I rounded the corner to my street, my Nike app hit the 5k mark. Phew. I was soaking wet from snow pelting me in the face, my socks and shoes were wet, and my legs were exhausted! I was glad I was finished, but man! It seriously felt like slogging it out through molasses!

Once I warmed up and ate something, I got to work on some of my meal plans. That night's dinner was jambalaya, which is my husbands' favourite. It's a simple, quick recipe and makes a large enough batch that we have leftovers a day or two. Plus it's spicy and delicious! On the docket for the next two weeks is also a low fat corn chowder with chipotle, vegetarian cannelloni, curried chicken, a roast, and with the leftover roast and gravy-a homemade poutine. I also have muffins, rice krispie treats and a baked pumpkin oatmeal for breakfasts.

I've been detoxing off sugar and now am feeling pretty good since it's been a few days.  I'm also alcohol free since New Year's Eve. I've upped my water intake to twelve 8 oz glasses a day, minimum. The sleep has to improve though, darn it. I'm just not the best at getting to bed on time to get 8 or even 7 hours sleep.

I also hit the gym today for some weights action and upped my previous weight amount. It felt good to go and burn some calories and build some muscles! Well, hopefully, at least. I'm also doing a challenge on Facebook with various exercises that increase in repetitions every week-things like mountain climbers, push ups, plank and burpees.( NOOOOOOOOO)

All in all, things are moving along as well as I'd hoped as I try to get back into a routine. In a week or two, once I feel like it's a bit more solid, I'll start working on some of the other pieces in this "whole me" puzzle, but for now? I'm just gettin' started up in here!

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