Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Dad

Just a brief blog today as I'm not feeling so "bloggish" today.

I had some bad (well, MORE bad I should say) news last night from my Dad's wife. My Dad is still not doing well. He is full of toxins because his kidneys and pancreas aren't working as well as they should. Today, they are starting dialysis for him. I hope, beyond hope, that this helps him out and gets rid of the fluid oozing and just brings him some comfort!!! The man has been through so much!!

My sister is travelling down to see him at the end of June. I am hoping to get our passports in order so that my family can travel down at the end of July. I don't know, however, if we'll get them back in time for our vacation weeks. There is a mad rush here of people applying for passports, what with the new regulations that you can't cross the border without one!

Please keep my Dad in your thoughts and prayers today and onward.


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  1. Sorry to hear your dad is not doing well. Many prayers for a full and speedy recovery.