Monday, June 8, 2009

Yo Soy Estudiante de Espagnol

Ah Spanish class. It's truly the highlight of my week right now.

Our weeks here are busy. I'd even go as far as to say slightly crazy, and definitely chaotic. The week starts with a soccer practice and game, and then another and then swimming and then more soccer. Add in there that this month at school is totally jam packed with field trips and end of year concerts and celebrations and track meets and you get a more clear picture.

I also have a "To Do" List that is about a mile long. I have to get "teacher gifts" and a little something for the bus driver as well. I have my eldest daughters birthday party to plan. (TEN!!!! YIKES! How does someone as young as ME have a ten year old?) My niece also has a birthday. It's Father's Day. My husband has two business trips. My Mom is coming to visit and spending a few weeks with us, which my girls are thrilled about. We have a dental appointment in our old city, so we have to travel there for that. (which I love doing! It gets me a chance to go "home") And then, I also have to make sure my daughter has everything she needs for camp.

Ya. My life is a little scheduled for this month.

The breath of fresh air in my week remains my Spanish class. I try to talk myself out of going every week. I'm tired. It's been a long day. I'll just stay home and relax. What's one class? But then I go, and I love every minute of it. I leave there with my adrenaline pumping and with a happiness I can't even describe. I truly love it.

I have always loved learning. To me, soaking up information is a high. And that's why I could also spend hours and hours on the internet. I look up everything and anything. My head is full of information I don't really need, but want. Something about practicing a new language though, just seems infinitely fascinating to me.

The class ends the week before my summer holidays in mid July. In September, I plan on taking the Intermediate level class. I also plan on adding in a martial arts class-another thing I've always wanted to learn. This week, I start the "30 Day Shred" (revised to fit my schedule, so it may be more than 30 days!) and "Learn to Run" program on my treadmill.

It's all part of my quest to be a martial art expert, trilingual, ripped ninja!!!! I can't tell you what else I'm learning or taking up on that quest. That's Top Secret! But stay tuned!

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