Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rain On My Window, But Not In My Heart

Today, the ever falling rain and dreary cold didn't make me feel melancholy and grey the way I have been lately. I awoke to one of my favourite sounds in the world; rain falling on the realm outside. Even though it was dark and a chill hung in the air, my spirits warmed to the weather.

I felt like today was a perfect one for a quiet day of playing, colouring, and snuggling. I had the afternoon planned out in my mind. While my daycare charge napped, I would sip tea and curl up under a blanket and read. I wouldn't blog, I wouldn't stress, I wouldn't clean. I wouldn't do any number of the five thousand things that need "doing" on my ever growing and changing list. I'd just sit and enjoy the day for what it was.

That's been my mantra lately actually. "It is what it is." I've used it in a myriad of ways. It can be said tongue in cheek or with venomous sarcasm. It can be sighed with resignation. It can be shrugged with acceptance. Try using it. It's one of the most valuable expressions I've picked up of late.

My husband drove our daughters to school today and came home with some groceries I had asked him to pick up as well. He decided to make us lunch today before he had to leave for a late night of work. Another perfect addition to the day. He barbecued steaks and made thick potato cut spicy fries in the oven. He paired it all with a Greek salad. He also surprised me with a monstrous bag of my favourite chocolate covered almonds. That's both a good surprise and a bad one, depending on if you are talking to me or to my thighs. It was totally delicious and I appreciated the gesture, as well as not having to cook for one part of my day.

When he left and the little one here was tucked snugly in bed, I made my tea and opened my book as the sounds of the torrent outside poured down and cleansed the world anew.

This is what bliss feels like, and I'll take it.

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