Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Weirdness and Wonder

We had another crazy but fabulous weekend, which is par for the course around here. Well, maybe not so much the "fabulous" part but the craziness anyways.

Saturday my eldest had soccer and I had the little sisters in again. They decided to play with Moon Sand at the table and use every single piece of Tupperware I own, along with every measuring cup and spoon. Needless to say, I think the Moon Sand will be taking a little breaky-poo for awhile. Have you tried washing that stuff out of every nook and cranny? It's SAND, folks. Not to mention my floor and table. Oh well, they had fun and that's what counts, right? That's what I kept telling myself as I washed and vacuumed afterwards.

Then we spent the rest of the day outside. It was a nice day, warm but not too hot. I planted the rest of my seeds in the garden, finished weeding my flower beds and tidied up my lawn. We decided to BBQ some nice steaks and enjoy the evening. Well, our neighbour asked us to come in and hang out while the kids played, so even better! Some adult time while the kids had fun with their friends. We went to bed a bit later than normal (well, the hubby and the kids. "I" don't fall asleep at 930pm!) and rested peacefully.

I awoke in the morning to, "Where did SUMMER go???" as my five year old whipped open the curtains in my room. You will never believe this. It has SNOWED. On the last day of May. Ah, the joys of living in the North. So much for all of that planting and weeding I did! I hope some of my seeds survive and grow. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

My husband took the kids out for breakfast so I could have some alone time. I got ready for their imminent arrival back home and my trip to the grocery store(s). I go to about four stores based on the flyer's and deals for that week. I only shop every two weeks, so it's not so bad, really. My neighbour invited the kids over again, so my husband and I got to shop MUCH more quickly and without grabby little hands trying to throw junk into the cart with all of the stealth of an elephant.

We then headed to one of my husband's employee's homes. His twins were turning three and he invited our family. Whooo what a spread. He had done chef training previously and the food was beyond delicious. One of the appetizers was baguette toasted with goat cheese, prosciutto and honey drizzled over top. Delicious! We ended up getting home quite late, so we let the girls sleep in this morning a bit and my husband drove them to school.

I was also supposed to start my next daycare child today, but she got the stomach flu in the night! So, it's a quieter day than I expected. And rainy and cold. It's supposed to be summer right? I guess not "officially" yet though!

My husband has been running around today. We've been going back and forth about getting rid of our van and getting into a smaller vehicle and one that requires less gas. We're looking at some crossovers, but we'd have to pay a penalty to get out our current van. So, it's a matter of it "being worth it" and all of the little details that go into all of that. Our van only has two years left on the warranty, and it's starting to have little problems creep up quite regularly. Right now, the belt needs to be changed and we need an oil change-standard things, not problems really. But there's some other belt issue that would cost about six hundred dollars and eventually we'd need to re-do the windshield (it cracked and we put in a cheaper one that drives my husband nuts) and so on and so forth. We also aren't ready to get into a car just yet. We like the option of seven seats, without really needing them all of the time. My sister has a mitsubishi crossover and it's pretty nice. We're thinking about something like that size wise and convenience wise. So, hubby's wheeling and dealing. I'll keep you posted!

It's supposed to be soccer for my youngest tonight, but they called it off because of the rain. FINALLY, a quiet night to do nothing. What will we do with ourselves???? We probably don't even remember how to just "be." I'm sure we'll figure it out, though!!!!

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