Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Break Time

We had a thoroughly crazy busy weekend and have somehow zoomed shotgun style into the week.

The girls dress rehearsal for their dance recital had us held captive (between pictures and run throughs) from 10:30am to 330pm. We didn't get to leave the theatre until 1pm to even grab lunch. Can you say GRUMPS???

We headed back Sunday for the show, and oh what a show! My girls both did great in their numbers (hip hop for my eldest and jazz and tap for my youngest) and I, of course, cheered my Mommy heart out.

I've since been back to the daycare and while I'm thinking that "end of year" means winding down, suddenly it seems even more is gearing up! On Monday, we got notice of two field trips for THIS week (whaaat?) and my husband left for Montreal for business, after just returning last week from another trip. I'd curse loudly here, but that's not very lady like. Cough.

I've also been reading Facebook status after Facebook status from folks with their summer plans all laid out. This is the first year that we haven't made ANY plans. I mean, nothin'. We do have my inlaws 50th Wedding Anniversary and Reunion one weekend in August, but that's it. My whole clan also have summer birthdays and my husband and I have an anniversary....but I'm talking about our usual "Family Vacation."

The reason we haven't planned anything is because of this looming "move" we keep hearing about but haven't received any confirmation regarding. I feel like we're living in this perpetual state of limbo, and it's driving me mad. We have been leery of making any plans because we may be in the midst of throwing our lives into further turmoil (it's how we roll) by packing up and heading out all within a two month period. Maybe.

We didn't sign the girls up for any of their normal "summer" activities (like soccer and camp) and we didn't make any trip or family plans. In case. If we do hear shortly, we'd need all of the time possible to get ready and get going.

We're calling it a "break," but frankly if it doesn't happen, you will have some mad, frustrated, boring summer played out peeps.

Let's hope this "break" doesn't "break" us!!!

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