Thursday, June 17, 2010

May I Have This Dance?

Today, my grade 5 girl is attending her first school dance. They are having it during school hours, but it's still a big deal. To her. To me. She even has a little boyfriend, who emails her things like, "School is boring to me without you here" when she's sick.

We went out last night on the search for a new dress. She wanted to hit Aeropostale first to see what they had. For all those women who fit an XS, well, that's just nuts. My daughter is a tiny girl. She's 60 lbs and petite for her age. The XS is just "that" much too big for her. I could have sewed up the straps a bit, but I figured we'd keep looking.

We continued on our search, and 15 dresses later, found "the one." It's a silvery sheath with sparkly flowers on the bottom. We also got her some matching silver sandals. She has jewellery and we curled her hair this morning. Sigh. She looked beautiful.

As I was dragging my butt from store to store, after an already too long day on little sleep, I realized that all too soon I'd be doing this for two girls. My husband and I clearly did not plan their age spacing very well. I thought I was so prepared, I researched psychological data that stated the "perfect" age range between siblings. You think I'm joking, but I'm not. Anyone who truly knows me, knows what an anal, detailed person I am. However, it struck me last night that as my youngest is going to her Grade 8 grad, my eldest will be graduating from high school. I may as well take out a second mortgage right now.

We took a few photos of her hair and makeup this morning, but they have to stay in their street clothes until the dance time. When she gets home tonight, I'll take a few more of the whole get up. I hope the pictures turn out okay, because I know I won't be able to see through the lens very clearly due to the film of tears that will be clouding my eyes.

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