Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hair, Hair, Everywhere Hair

Yesterday's post was pretty heavy stuff, so today I'm going with fluff.

By fluff I mean the 'fro that I'm currently sporting.

During the fall, winter and spring, my straightening iron and I are fast friends. However, come summer and we part ways. There's just no point in spending the ridiculous 45 minutes it takes, just to step outside and by noon have a huge, fuzzy mop on my head. Remember that "Friends" episode where they travelled to Jamaica (I believe?) and Monica's hair got bigger and bigger as humidity set in? That's my hair.

I covet those women and girls that get up in the morning and either their hair is already perfectly relaxed and flat and still, or they spend minimal time getting it that way. In the summer, I just don't do anything to my hair. I get up and give myself a "WOWZA" face in the mirror and go about my day. My hair is extremely thick and wavy. When I say "extremely," I mean like my hair dresser has a notation on my file to allot herself extra time to cut and style my hair.

So, I had a shower last night before going to bed. I woke up this morning to hair that was literally at least half a foot wide on either side and with waves all going different directions. Now THAT'S a look! I wet down what I could and brushed out the hair that had weaved itself into some sort of circular nest, and headed on my way.

I'm starting to look like the crazy lady on the block.

I know I'm supposed to enjoy the freedom of not straightening and just "go" with this umm, "beach hair' look, but it's a hard pill to swallow when your hair is a disaster daily.

Hmmm, hats! My new best friend for summer!


  1. Hair bands, braids, Moroccan Oil; a frizzy-haired girl's best friends.


    Your sister in frizz.

  2. LOL! That episode of friends is CLASSIC!!! I would so love to see you in all those tiny braids with the puka shells on the ends!!

    I have similar hair...very thick...wavy and curly, but only when it's short. When it's long, it's just too heavy to stay wavy. I refuse to straighten it....I do not have the energy to do all that work, especially when I work from home and no one but my family sees me most days. I am a ponytail kind of gal in summer- I absolutely cannot do anything else. I get crabby when I'm hot and sticky, thick hair on my neck irritates me!! I will sometimes get a cute cut for fall/winter but I work with the curls and waves and scrunch it up cute.