Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mind Control

Are you like me, and think that if you concentrate on something enough, you'll will it to happen?
Or am I just crazy? Wait, don't answer that.

It's this little game I play with myself. If I'm waiting for something to happen, or someone to call, I'll think about the person or situation with serious, deep, intense concentration. I may even repeat, "happen today, happen today, happen today" as I do so.

I'm waiting on news that will change much about my future plans, and I need an answer soon so that the many OTHER people waiting or needing clarification, can get their answer too. It's not in my control at all, but still, I need to know. Stat.

So, today. I'm putting all of my mind power and super duper deep thoughts directed right where I need them to be. My mind is actually crazy persuasive, and part of the reason I do this little trick is because it's worked in the past.

Hmm. Maybe I AM just crazy. Oh well. It's still worth a shot.

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