Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Parental Influence?

Do you find that you have inadvertently (or maybe blatantly?) passed on your "likes" to your children? I remember growing up that I loved certain characters or stories, and even now I'm more drawn to certain children's programs or books than others. I seem to have made my daughters "new fans" of whatever it is that I like/liked. Oops? Or just good planning to narrow down the annoyance factor?

Here's an example. A few weeks ago, we purged through my daughter's clothing and made piles to give away and donate. We came upon their pink "Hello Cowie" t-shirts from the PEI "Cows" ice cream store. The shirts have a cute picture of a cow with an uncanny resemblance to Hello Kitty. My eldest says her shirt doesn't fit anymore and that it's too babyish to wear anyways. Do you think I put it in either of the above mentioned piles? No, I did not. I put it back in her drawer.

I have an unexplainable love for all things Hello Kitty. Now, mind you, I don't PERSONALLY own anything with that trademark. I'm not one of those women you'll see toting around a Hello Kitty purse or cellphone case, or wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt. Wait a minute.....as I'm typing this I'm remembering that I do, in fact, own a green Hello Kitty ring. My bad. Let's ignore that and get back to my kids. THEY have quite a selection of Hello Kitty paraphanelia. They have fork/spoon/chopstick sets. They have mugs. They have plates. My youngest has a Hello Kitty toothbrush. They have had running shoes. I'm pretty sure they have some jewellery. I know they have some stuffed toys and even some stationary and storybooks. (Scholastic rocks the Hello Kitty series!)

I don't know what it is about that cute little cat, but I can't seem to get enough. I've passed along my enthusiasm and now my girls are diehard Kitty fans!

I think maybe it hearkens back to a time when I would trade fuzzy or puffy stickers from my collection with others and their photo albums full of sticker madness. I always coveted Hello Kitty and those little Twin Stars ones. So, maybe it's a whole nostalgia thing?

My influence also extends to all things Madeline and Beatrix Potter. I'm talking movies, dolls, furniture, full series of books, felt boards, heck even cookbooks and stuffed toys. I've also encouraged Strawberry Shortcake.(yeah for redheads!) They all have good messages, nice styling and are stinkin' cute. C'mon you know it's true!

Lately, I forced my girls to watch Dr. Snuggles and Shera:Princess of Power on youtube. If only I could get some Bo Duke love goin' on.....then I'd feel complete in my complete brainwashing.

No, no,no. It's not really cult like following. I prefer to think of it as genetic good taste. Long live Hello Kitty!!!

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