Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How We Spent Our Long Weekend

We had a really great May long weekend (Victoria Day is the holiday for you non-Canadians!) with lots of sight seeing and exploring. We are new to the province so it's always nice to really get to know and check out our new home, but more than that, we are on a quest to spend weekends doing something outdoors and active, as a family. This, of course, is weather permitting, which it hasn't been of late! Many times, the weekend gets full of errands and tasks, and while that does still need doing, there is ample time to get some play time in as well.

On Sunday, my husband chose Lunenburg as our destination. The weather was kind of damp and windy, but that didn't deter us at all. We spent the afternoon wandering the waterfront, browsing in little shops,lunching with a view, snapping pictures, and purchasing some fudge for the drive home. It's a beautiful little town, with so much history. I really loved it there and would go back on a sunny day. We'll likely take my Mom there when she comes for a visit.

Monday was my choice, and we headed to Truro. I had heard great things about Victoria Park and had done some Internet checking before heading out. We had lunch at Saltscapes to start our time there. It's a restaurant with down home comfort foods, served at reasonable prices, with a small and quaint gift shop attached. They pride themselves on local products, both food and decoration. After lunch, we made our way to the park. Let me just say, WOW. It's 1000 acres of park land, donated first in the 1880's and forward. It houses two waterfalls, a wishing well of stone, and many, many, many ladders and steps covering a gorge. One of these such staircases is called Jacob's Ladder and comprises 175 steep steps. My eldest and I scampered up briskly, stopping once to let others pass while we waited for my husband and youngest behind us. My youngest was a bit teary, nervous and overwhelmed by the amount of steps (and possibly the big spaces in between the steps!) but still she made her way all the way to the top. We spent about 80 minutes in the park, walking and climbing. We lost count over 400 steps and I'm sure it was closer to 500 or 600 all said going up and down. Suffice it to say, that evening we were all pretty WIPED.

On our way home from our hike, we stopped at two houses to pick up new bikes for the girls that we found on kijiji. They both needed new ones as they'd outgrown theirs, and kijiji offered the perfect (and cheaper) solution. Next up? A bike and helmet for me. I'm not a fan of road biking, but it would be awesome to bike along the trails that can be found all around.

It was a truly fantastic weekend and I enjoyed it all. I'm not sure where our next adventure will take us, but I know many are ahead!

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