Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where Does Time Go?

The weeks just seem to be flying by around here, maybe because it seems like every time I turn around there is something that needs to be done, a kids school function or dance class requirement. There's also getting stuff finished around the house. We moved here over 6 months ago, and I know from experience it'll take over a year to have the house how we want it. At least, starting to look how we want it.

I've been painting a few little things like mirror frames and such. There's a few more little jobs like that to do. Then comes the big painting job. We are planning on painting the whole house except for the basement. It won't be fun, at all. I'd like to get it done before the end of the school year, because getting ANYTHING done with the kids home 24/7? Not so much. The exciting thing is, once it's all painted, we can start decorating and putting up pictures! We would also like to purchase a few more furniture pieces. We also need to paint the front and back door, the front porch and wash off the deck and beams. I'd also like a shed for the backyard so we can get some of the storage out of the house. Yep, projects. Luckily for me, most of those jobs fall to my husband.

I'm still running, trying for 5 days a week. When I'm not running 35 minutes straight now, I'm doing intervals. I HAVE to start running outside more often, but when I see rain and wind, I just don't feel like it. So, I head off to my treadmill. I found out last night that I need new runners, big time. I actually had to kick mine off at the end where I was just doing my walk to cool down. They cramp my toes on one side something awful, just when I do intervals. I've had them about 2 years so I guess it's time, and I know with running you need to replace them more often. Any recommendations? I know I've been referred to go to the Running Room and have them fit you-but do I really want to spend extra money just for a casual fairweather runner? I mean, I own Nike's and I typically spend more than seems reasonable on runners but.....

Partnered with the running is the thing. I'm set at 1200 calories a day. Well, let me tell you, it's HARD to stay in that calorie range if you don't work out EVERY day. I'm not willing to give up a snack or two each day, so I try to either run or do yoga or walk my dog. Last night, for example, was ridiculous.

I knew I'd be over my calories yesterday. I was busy doing "house stuff" all day, so I didn't get my run in. The girls have dance and we get home about 8pm. By the time we do bedtime routine and such, it's 9pm. Well, then I had to watch Survivor and make lunches. I figured I'd just leave it at being over. The more I sat though, the more it bothered me to see that red negative. At 1030pm, I got on my treadmill and started walking on an incline. I joined a Twitter party I had wanted to attend, and once it was done, I started doing 10 intervals. I finished the whole 500 calorie burn at almost midnight. Umm, obsessed much? I was literally pouring sweat-which is not like me but felt AWESOME. I had some water and hit the sack.

That about sums up my life in a nutshell right now. Running, yoga-ing, kids school and dance, house stuff. Normal day in the life of a Mom, no?


  1. Do you find that you can sleep ok after getting a good sweaty workout close to bed time? The last 3 nights I've been unable to sleep well & the songs from my workout just keep playing over and over in my head! lol Can you say coo coo? lol

    I'm a major RR fan for sneakers. But I have a frigged up foot and I wear orthotics so it's really hard to get a "neutral" shoe that's great for running that are deep enough for me to swap my orthotics into. I wear New Balance 883's and I love them. I got the newest version of them because I loved my last pair so much. Spending the $ depends on how much difficulty you have with regular running shoes. If you get along fine with standard shoes, as long as they work for you that's all the matters. As long as you have an shoe expert help you figure it out, that's the most important. And they aren't easy to come by at regular athletic stores believe it or not!

    I wish I had the ambition to get painting! You are getting ALOT accomplished!

  2. I can work out, have some water, and go to bed. LOL Doesn't seem to affect me.

    I have always worn regular runners and been fine-I mean, I still tend to wear brand name like Nike or whatever...I did a search of the RR online and they have some tests to verify which shoe would best suit. I have a high arch and tend to UNDER pronate (run on the outside of my foot) from what I can tell. They suggested a few-so I'll go take a look soon. I have to get a 1/2 size bigger too so my feet don't get cramped.