Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Sun WIll Come Out....Tomorrow

It's literally been raining in Halifax for 3 weeks straight. We get the odd day of sun and you get fooled into thinking that the weather might FINALLY be on the upturn, but nope. I've started building an ark in my backyard, just in case. I'm really hoping this brings some nice summer temps into June, but we'll see. It might just bring bugs.

Due to all of this rain, and the fact that I'm clearly made of sugar, I haven't been running outside as much as I had wanted or needed in order to run the 5k for the Bluenose. I've waffled between run/walking it anyways (just doing my best), walking it with friends, or deferring it to next year.

There are a few factors that made this a tricky decision. I mean, I could just TRY to run as much of it as I could. I'm competitive, but Halifax is hilly. The problem with this option is....let me repeat....I'm competitive. I really want to do this feeling ready, trained and umm, faster than I am. I don't expect to do it in like 24 minutes or something crazy, but I'd like to be a bit more speedy. So, while I might be happy I DID it, I know I'll be pissed with myself if I walk any or have a crap time.

I could walk it instead. I'd be getting some exercise with friends and hanging out having fun for the morning. The thing with this option is-it seems silly to have paid money to walk a distance that I do twice over on any given weekend. It would likely be cool for the experience of the event, and seeing friends is always a bonus, but the challenge isn't there for me.

Lastly, I could defer it. I'm leaning to this one because there are two more 5k's coming up in the fall, one in October and one in November. I would be lighter, faster and more ready for those ones and I imagine doing the Bluenose next year would be a better showing. Who knows-maybe by then I'd be ready for a 10k? (I'm totally getting ahead of myself here!) My husband likes this option because then we can actually have a weekend together, with our kids, and go and do something as a family. Of course, he doesn't help me make the decision by saying that he thinks I could totally do the 5k easily and that I'm stubborn enough to push myself while there.

So, that's where I'm at. I'm still running on my treadmill 5x a week. I try to mix up the length of time I run and up my speed. I'm up to 45 minutes straight running, but I do some days at 25 minutes as well. I'm also trying to mix it up with some steep incline walking and jogging so I get used to hills. Yuck. Lastly, I'm 9 lbs lighter! Those of you who follow me on already knew that, of course. Those of you who don't are either skinny bitches or don't like me. Ha!
I'm also still doing yoga about 3x a week. I find it's the perfect stretch for me after a run.

So, with all of that said, I'm not sure what my long weekend ahead will look like-but it will be good whatever happens. I just know it!

Oh-and for those of you Jonesing to see pics of my girls' bedrooms-I didn't forget! I'll get those up this week or next at some point! We bought my youngest a little table and chair that I'm re-purposing and she has a bench that I'm sanding and repainting as well. So, I'm not quite done the projects in there yet but I'm on it!


  1. I did the walk/run as much as I can and I loved it. Plus if you are already running 45 minuets then you would probably pull off a 5K with no problems due to the adreniline and fact taht you are with others who are pushing themselves.

  2. Do it! There's always gonna be some reason why you could or should put it off. I bet you'll surprise yourself.

    You can use it as a baseline for where you are today and where you get to in the fall.

  3. So, I deferred it. I'm just not ready yet. BUT-I really really need to keep focused and plan to do the one in Oct, no matter what. I'm worried about falling off of the wagon. So....I better get to that signing up asap.