Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chilly Saturday

It snowed a gazillion inches of snow the last two days, and with my husband out of commission due to pulling his back, it was me and the shovel. I literally shoveled THREE times yesterday. I don't mind shovelling really, but three times??? Seriously?

The more annoying thing was my neighbour snow plowing away and not even offering to do the end of my driveway as I was grunting and groaning lifting heavy, wet, dirty snow. Grr.

I just kept in mind that I was burning a ton of calories.

Today is very, very, very cold out. It's not the type of day for outdoor activities, so the fam and I have been keeping busy indoors. My husband is just lying in a heap, actually, with the odd moan of how horrible his old man back feels. I told him he needs to kick up the core strengthening! HA!

I did my Booty Camp DVD today, and my girls offered to give me some company. I love when they want to do an activity with me! It was funny to see them saying how "easy" it was, and then getting all out of breath. Booyah! The biggest compliment was that my youngest said, "Mommy, you're really strong!" That's completely untrue at this moment, as I struggle to do one regular push-up, but you know....was still a great feeling. It's important to me that they learn about healthy eating and nutrition, but also about staying active. I want them to know that staying active isn't about weight loss or dieting, it's about exactly what my daughter said, strength.

I'm taking some time to write while my eldest is running on my treadmill. She's started a fitness program she set up for herself, doing push-ups and sit-ups and jumping jacks and plank each day, and now has added a running component. She's a tiny, petite little thing, and her goal is a 6 pack and strength. I told her I'd supervise, so here I sit.

I'm just about to shower and then my youngest and I are baking some chocolate chip pumpkin loaves and I'm roasting some chick peas for a snack during the week. I love chick peas and tend to eat way too many when they're around but they're a good protein for a snack after Booty Camp.

I found the recipe on Pinterest, but you can find them at

Hope you're having a great Saturday and keeping warm!


  1. totally going to try the chickpea recipe. I'm a chickpea addict myself. And good on you for working out! Pushups are my nemesis (actually all exercise is but pushups are in the top ten)

  2. Pushups and burpees, Sharon! Not. Good. Lol It will get better. That's my current mantra!
    The chick peas were SO good! I love that Tex Mex type of chili/lime flavoring in general, though. Umm, ate them all in a day. Dang it! Chick peas and sunflower seeds. I can't stop the insanity! :)

  3. Love that you're setting such a fantastic example of living a healthy, active lifestyle for your girls. Kudos!

    Lisa Richards
    Communications Manager
    Booty Camp Fitness