Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dreams of Living Abroad

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed about travelling to different places and seeing parts of the world that captivated my imagination or soul. I wanted to stay living in Ottawa, but I wanted to go and explore and experience as much of what was "out there" as I could.

Somewhere from childhood to adulthood, I developed a horrific fear of flying. I still wanted to go to all of those places, but I wanted somehow to be teleported there. Needless to say, I never went.

Well, unless you count various US states by car (several!) or Acapulco on Spring Break (who really remembers much of that?? I only explored the nightlife!)

When I met my husband, we decided to pack up everything we owned (very little) and move to Kelowna, BC. His  parents lived there and we figured it would be a fantastic adventure and a surefire quick start way to test the waters of a new relationship. It was either meant to be or would be doomed.

We lived there a year and then I missed home too much and we moved back.

Since we've now moved a few more times, I've outgrown the need/want to stay in the same city as my birth. I've also had more practice flying and while I'm still a nervous flier, I'm much more willing to go. Of course, if  I could move back to Halifax and live there for the long haul, I'd do that in a heartbeat too. Still, I'd sojourn for a period "away."

Here's my dream. I would love to visit Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy, France, Spain. Those are my top picks. But my real fantasy? To get to actually LIVE one of those places (preferably Spain because of the climate and beach and language opportunity!) for six months to a year. My husband's job isn't portable so I'm not sure of the logistics, but one day, I'd love to be able to take our kids and go! Not forever, but for awhile.

My friend Claire and her family did just that, living in Costa Rica. If you follow Liisa from, you know she's doing that right now! I think it's an incredible opportunity, and one I hope eventually comes our way. Heck, I'll even "settle" for an extended summer, say 3 months?

My feet are itchy again, and my head is soaring above the clouds and across the ocean to see what lies in wait.

One day......

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  1. Hey Tracey - So far we are having a blast. The kids, particularly my bigger one, had a little bit of an adjustment in the first weeks, but he is now loving it and couldn't get to sleep tonight because he was "thinking of exciting and fun things".

    I have actually met a couple of people now who have spouses who are going back and forth for work, or coming for a month at the beginning and the end. If this is something you really want to do, perhaps that could be an option in the future?