Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Take A Flying Leap!

I'm an analytical, weigh the pros and cons, let's make a list of possible outcomes kind of gal. I've been this way since I decided to enter the world a whole three weeks late on the night of the Miss Universe Pageant. It's just how I roll.

Last year, I decided that I was going to step outside of my comfort zone and really start just jumping into things that sounded intriguing to me because, really, what was there to lose? I'd been down the critical analysis path for my entire existence, and you know what? All of that careful forethought hadn't really helped me out any. It was time for a new tactic.

I met people from the Internet in person, I ordered off the Starbucks menu, (okay, I actually DID go check that out first! That thing is intimidating!) I went to fitness classes that scared the hell out of me and then CONTINUED to go, ALONE. That is big for me. I also opened my blog up and started sending writing out into the world when every fiber of my being was unsure if I should do so.

You know what? Every Single One of those things turned out really spectacular. Not one bad thing happened because I didn't map out what might "potentially" occur or how I might look or feel or a hundred other "What Ifs." 

I'm vowing here and now, in writing, to keep leaping this year. In fact, I've started already. A few things have come into my line of vision that piqued my curiosity, and before I could talk myself out of them, I've pulled the trigger.

You'll find me panting and barely able to move attending Booty Camp Fitness classes twice a week. It terrifies me frankly-but I'm doing it anyways. 

You'll find me lacing up my skates for some solo sessions on outdoor rinks during the (hopefully?) quiet daytime hours. I love skating but haven't done it in years. I believe last time I was 3 months pregnant! I'm expecting while kids are in school it won't be a madhouse on the ice, and I'm hoping I can get some solid workout time in with something I enjoy in a season that I don't.

Lastly, I've submitted my name to a few writing assignments that have me "baring all" in a way that is insanely open for me, Miss Privacy. I don't know what will come of those, but I'm proud that I took the chance and put my name in the ring without worrying about outcome-whichever way that may go. 

I've played it cautious for way too long, and it's held me back from situations because I was worried what would "maybe" happen. 

Not any more, baby. 

It's time to FLY.

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  1. what better time to leap than Leap year?? sounds perfect to me. I know you'll be great at anything you put your mind to. I have that much faith in you!