Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We Had A Time...

What a great weekend we just had! It was one of those busy every second type of deals, but being that it was so full of social events, one could hardly complain!

Friday night some friends of ours from our small town move(I know, how sad is it that I need to somehow label where we've lived in the last four years to be able to distinguish without naming!) came here to watch their daughter compete in a volleyball tournament and asked if we could meet up. Even though the weather that day was less than stellar, we figured if they ventured for the drive, so could we! They are such a great family and we had a wonderful few hours chatting and laughing while watching the game, while the other kids ran and laughed and generally acted silly. It was great seeing them, and we definitely need to get back to visit all the old gang that we have missed very much.

On Saturday, our youngest had a birthday party to attend and we had to still get a gift! We scurried about in a frenzy doing that, getting some food in her, and finally dropped her at her destination. The birthday girl attends the same school, and we got to know the family via being "walkers" as the school calls us. They had just moved here from Halifax at the end of August, same as us, so we had a lot in common and shared a wistful spirit of longing for the East Coast. They invited us to come in after the party and stay for awhile and let the kids play while the adults visited with our own "refreshments."  We ended up being there FOUR hours and had a truly lovely time with them as well as another couple from Halifax.

That brought us contentedly to Sunday, and my Mom's birthday. We had asked her what she'd like to do and she suggested bowling! That seemed a little random but we had a great time in the glow in the dark lanes, competing and laughing! We gave my Mom her gifts afterwards and chatted a bit before heading home yet again.

I remembered that I had to pick up a few necessities at the grocery store on our way, and ran into my friend that I hadn't seen in these four years! She is SO full of energy and life and just seeing her made me smile for the rest of the afternoon! We made plans to get together next week and emailed right away to confirm. She's "great people" and I'd love to reconnect.

I was exhausted come Monday, my house was a mess from us being in and out and it not being cleaned, the laundry was piled up yet again, but.....aren't those the signs of a great weekend for the suburban family? I'd much rather have been out there seeing people and enjoying friendships old and new, than home cleaning and sorting!

If only I could avoid cleaning every weekend for the sake of a great social life, I'd say that would be a life well lived!

Note: A little trivia for you....The blog post title is a line from one of my favourite series of all time...."My So Called Life"

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