Monday, January 23, 2012

If A 19 Year Old Feels The Burn.....

I know you're probably getting bored and sick to death of Booty Camp posts but it's my blog so nah nah nah boo boo. Just humour me because this is a good one!

Tonight was "bring a friend to booty camp" day and as a bunch of my friends were suddenly, inexplicably busy (ahem) my niece came along with my sister and I for the class.

She's seen us come home sweaty and purple faced. She's witnessed the inability to walk down stairs without clutching the railing, she's heard the moans and groans. She's kind of scoffed at us, really.

Well, tonight she was laughing no more! I believe about three quarters of the way through the class her exact words were, "I hate this bitch."  Oh, oh how I laughed. She was joking, sort of anyways.

After several rounds of burpees, squats, planks, squat jumps, football runs with jumps, bicep dips, push ups and whatever other fresh hell my trainer Lauri thought of in that diabolical mind of hers, we were spent. My niece looked at me and said, "I must be in worse shape than I thought!"  No, no. It's just THAT intense.

I left feeling not so badly about my intensity level after that. If a 19 year old found it challenging, than this almost 40 year old is kicking some booty! Literally!

Is it mean of me to hope that she can't walk tomorrow? Just a little???  :)


  1. Hello, sometimes it takes its time to find and read an interesting blog.
    Best wishes! (SenorBeep on twitter, Mister Beep! on flickr).

  2. I love that at my gym most of the women aged 40+ are in waaay better shape than the 19 year olds.
    they can never keep up in the classes the way we can.
    Makes me feel so much better!
    keep up the good work at the gym

  3. Hi Señor Beep! Merci!

    Petite Gourmand-my 19 year old niece is in pretty good shape, plays soccer, runs 10k's...So it was a great moment to see her a sweaty mess too! I would definitely say I work out WAY more now than I ever did at 19! the difference being now I really NEED to do so! Lol Thanks for reading!