Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Warrior

I often hope for laisser-faire weekends with nary a task to do, but unfortunately that's rarely the case. I have to admit though, part of the "busy" is just normal, everyday, everyone has the same things to do kinda stuff. We get groceries, we do laundry etc etc etc. It's not the most fun to be had in the world EVER, but it's just part of the gettin' by routine of life. The other part of the admitting is that the rest of the busy is often for social plans. Who can really complain about having an active social life? That's right. Only people who either over schedule themselves just to say they are, or those who don't have a lot of social activities and are envious. As I'm neither of those things-it's busy with a side of fun!

Can I first toot my own horn a little? TOOOOOT. I ROCKED the exercise this weekend, like, hard core. I did all of my Booty Camp DVD's as was instructed, but I also decided I felt strong enough to try running again. Today? I did my DVD and THEN ran! Whaaaat? I saw this quote on Pinterest about how your legs aren't tired when you run, just your brain is trying to get you to stop. I honestly had that in mind today as I ran, pushing myself to keep going, doing that internal dialogue in my head that I so often do.

"You're not tired. The first few minutes of ANY run suck. Just run through it, you know it will get better. Look, there's only 2 minutes left in this run portion. You can go for 2 minutes! Just keep going!"

You know what? I did. I actually fist pumped at the end while I walked to cool down. I SO did. I felt like some super hard core rock star. I have about a bazillion of miles to go before that is a reality in any way, shape or form...but a girl is allowed to dream.

My daughter had her friend sleepover two nights, got a haircut, dyed her hair from light blond to light brown. There was also a movie for all (Beauty and the Beast in 3D), skating on the community rink, and meeting new friends on Saturday night.

We had some folks over and one of them brought his two daughters that are roughly the same ages as our two. They had a great time hanging out, after initial awkwardness, and the adults did too. My husband likes to make fun of me because whenever we have people in he says I "over host" and put out way too much food. I'd rather there's too much than too little! The funny part of this gathering was that my husband thought it was Sunday and they'd watch the football games. He was all messed up due to the PD day on Friday and the fact that he was off for the day. Once we figured out it was Saturday, we decided to just go ahead with plans anyways! You never need an excuse to see friends, right?

I also had a great visit on Saturday with my friend Claire. She set me up at her salon (no, like really had my back! The stylist told me Claire had gone over my wishes with her, checked that everything was a go and generally made sure I would enjoy my time! Girl is beyond and above the bestest. Love her!)  I want to go darker with my hair colour, more like an auburn or copper sort of colour than my usual blond. I was strawberry blond as a kid, but as I get older it seems to be turning a darker red. I also covet that dark shade like Lindsay Lohan had when she wasn't emaciated and cracked out, or Mary Kate Olsen or Addison from Private Practice. In order to get that colour, we first had to fill in the VERY blond strands that were bleached out. So, this visit was primarily getting my hair to that darker shade. It's more brown than I'd like, but the stylist explained we need to do that first, then in 6-8 weeks we can just put whatever shades of red I'd like. If we'd just gone ahead with red? Ya, I'd have pink hair. That would definitely not be up my alley. Some people can pull that off but me? Not so much. So, my hair-in some light, it's very auburn, in others it's more brown. I'm used to being fair so I have to get used to looking in the mirror at dark hair! Change doesn't scare me though, so I'm totally up for it! It's just hair, right?

After that transformative appointment, Claire and I headed out for a bite to eat and a chat. I seriously lose all sense of time when I'm with her, chatting away. It could be 10 hours later and we'd still have more to say. Friends like that are few and far between, that's for sure. Can I just say again-love her!

Tomorrow is back to routine and I don't mind a bit. There's going to be Booty Camp and my youngest is skating with her class on Thursday (I've volunteered to do up skates) and my oldest has a fun field trip and well....the week just looks promising.

All of this exercise must have released some crazy endorphins because I feel high on life!

Enjoy your week!

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  1. LOL, love you back. BTW you rock the auburn! Proud of you and you are inspiring me, yet again, to get my butt in gear and start exercising.