Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chaotic Bliss

It's still dark,
As we arise.
The sun is peeking
From the sky.

The morning chill
Hangs in the air
As for another day
We prepare.

What should I wear?
And what should I eat?
Is this paper important?
Timing, a feat.

There are mad cries
And sometimes tears
There are slamming doors
Amidst sisterly jeers.

We rush, all bundled
Up to the bus
The wind is cold
The snow a fuss.

The yellow form
Finally arrives
It's kisses and hugs
And laughing goodbyes.

I trudge home quickly
With dishes to tidy
The chaos of the morning
Left behind me.

I now sit in silence,
And sip my tea.
The chaos is over
I'm left with just "me."

The house seems so quiet
The air hangs so still,
And I miss the loud shrieks
The cries, so shrill.

While the chaos is hectic
The moment so rushed
Without my two wee ones
My world is too hushed.

So, I await.
In a day filled with chores.
For the bus to come back
And bring home my adored.

Without them the time
Seems to move
Without glee.
For I am to them,
As they are,
To me.

I wouldn't trade calm
For the bliss that is home
With my children's laughter
I am never "alone."


  1. Make sure to print this out and put in their memory books :)

  2. Then find a poetry contest and enter with this!

  3. I'm missing your blog today, I was enjoying reading it before lunch everyday....ah well, I'll anxiously await the next post!! Have a great day with the girls home!