Friday, January 9, 2009

Who's Your Honey??

So, I was watching "The Rachael Ray" show the other day, and she had Gabrielle Reece on the program. They were discussing the topic of Gabby's "Honeyline". Basically, the concept is that women have a network of friends, all with varying expertise, that we rely on in certain instances in our lives. These friends help us out, provide us with information, and hold us up so we can continue to thrive and contribute to the "hive." In return, we too, have our own role and area of expertise. One friend, for example, may be who we turn to when we need cooking advice or recipes. Another might be the perfect party planner. One might be our parenting guru. All have their roles and all play an important part in our personal growth and mental health.

My group of friends is large and varied. I'd even go as far as to admit that, all thrown in a room together, many would not "click." Their interests and beliefs are THAT different. However, their roles in MY life, are very significant.

Whether it's the friend I email or call just to make me laugh and be light, or the ones I confide in and pour it all out-they are all "needed." And I can't imagine feeling whole and well rounded without every single one of them. Luckily for me, many of my friends are fantastic women with so many attributes, I can go to any one of them for expertise on a variety of topics. And how great is it to have friends like that? That you can cry with, that you can laugh with, that you can vent to, that will let you hide when you can't face the world, but then bring you gently back into it's folds.

When I look back on these friendships, I see a history of love. We've experienced losses so great they are crippling, we've shared joys that make your heart soar. Deaths of family members and births of long awaited babies. Surgeries and marital crisis. And through it all, at the core, were my friends. Holding each other up and urging us all to move forward.

I can see all the faces of these friends as I type this blog. I can see my friend that knows every movie and tv show line you can imagine, and makes me laugh like crazy. I can see my friend that has heard my every cry and fear and question about my strength. She's heard about my workouts and my goals and my path in life. I can see my friend that has always encouraged me to be "better". Healthier, more "green". I can see the friend that can see so deeply into my soul and the "me" I keep hidden, it scares me as well as excites me. I can see the friend that I've known since birth. That I pushed away for years, only to discover that her heart was the only place that I would find comfort in a time with little.

Their faces are the beauty and joy in my life. They are my sanity. They are my sanctuary.
No "one" is more or lesser than another. For it's the whole that keeps my "hive" thriving.

I hope that I, too, have provided all of them with as much as they have given to me. And I know that when times are rough, or they need a laugh, or they need someone who will stand up for them-I'm their woman. For I have my role as well.

My "honeyline" is overflowing with copious amounts of sweet, tasty honey. I'm the richer for it, and more thankful today then I can express for it's abundance.

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