Monday, January 19, 2009

The Dream is Alive

Today is MLK day in the USA.

And "up here" in Canada, I can feel it in the air.

I don't care if you are a Democrat, or a Republican. If you voted for him, or not. There is just a "feeling" that's almost palpable that change is upon us.

I suppose there is a sense of a "new start" with every election of a new President or Prime Minister, but this time....the sensation is different. It's a whole new, tangible awareness.

I didn't live in the 60's. I didn't feel the rush and excitement and fear as big changes were taking place all around me. I didn't hang on to hopes and dreams of equality and freedom and integration.

But, I'm feeling it now.

Whether you are an Obama supporter or not, you have to feel the magnitude of this moment in time. Aside from the history making aspect of it, it just feels like reformation is all about us.

Oh sure, the cynic in me is fearful. Fearful that a lot of this is media and showmanship. That the concerts and the speeches and celebrities are all well and fine, but they aren't the "real" work that is going to need to take place. And that maybe somehow I'm falling hook, line and sinker for the "man behind the curtain." And how disappointing would THAT be?

But maybe that cynic is present, because promises have been made before, and yet so much has been lost. No, I'm not even American. But our relationship is a deep one. And American choices effect Canadians. And a lot of Canadians are watching with baited breath.

On MLK day, I can't help but think about HIS dream, which was taken from all of us before it came to fruition. But it opened the door. And more. Change is in the air. How exciting and proud and fascinating this time is going to be. And I get to live it this time. And so do my children. From here on out, everything changes. For so many.

The Dream is Alive. May we keep on dreaming big. One day, it CAN and WILL happen.

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