Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekend Rush

There was once upon a time a young woman that spent her weekends sleeping in, going out, and working mindless shifts at a part-time job. Weekends were carefree, and careless. Languishing and staying in pj's all day. Having breakfast at noon. Getting up, eating, watching a bit of TV, and going back to bed.

Sigh. Heavenly.

That Fairy Tale has ended.

My weekends now consist of travelling from one of my children's activities to the other. Granted, one very time consuming theatre production is coming to an end in a few weeks. (my daughter is an Oompah Loompah in the local community theatre group presentation of Willy Wonka. She'll be performing in front of over 17 local schools and 3,000 plus people!) But, it's to actually MAKE IT to the end of the month. And then there are still the "other" activities.

Tonight, there are swimming lessons for both girls.
Tomorrow, "Kids Club" where they cook, play in the gym or swim, and then eat what they have made. It's not all bad actually. I work out in the gym while they work out in their gym.
Sunday, the rehearsal for Willy Wonka. (which I should add runs FIVE, yes, FIVE hours)

It certainly makes a weekend fly right on by.......but is that always a welcome thing?

Oh, I know what you are all thinking; "Well then, don't put them in so many activities!" I wholeheartedly agree with not "overbooking" our children's lives. And usually, it ISN'T quite as busy. This play thing has been the topper.

But how do I say "no" to their little excited faces when they have the acting bug? Or when they are so happy meeting new friends and learning new skills? Yes, I'm the Mom. It's my job to be the meanie and say "no." And I have!

My eldest wanted to join the cross country ski team at school. I had to veto that because it conflicts with her play rehearsals. She also wanted to try out for volleyball. I okay'ed that one because it's during school hours. Both girls want to do dance. There's just no time right now!

But come February, our Sundays will be rehearsal free.

Guess which two girls are starting Belly Dancing for kids on Sunday mornings?

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