Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things That Go Bump In The Night

If anyone came and secretly filmed my family while we slept, they would have crazy footage of night wanderings and worse. It's a comedy of errors here at night, with musical beds often happening as well.

I admit-we are all horrible sleepers. My husband used to sleep like a log when I first met him. I've corrupted him with my light sleeping ways. And now, our girls also have the sleep disorder.
I think I even read somewhere that sleep disorders such as night terrors MAY have a genetic link. That explains so much!!! It's not my fault then! It wasn't our family bed, or the fact that they sleep with nightlights. It's genetic. Not much you can do, then.

This isn't a "new" thing for me, either. My whole life I've been teased for things I've done in the night. There's the "I awoke to you crouching over my open dresser drawer!" story from my mom. Or the "I saw you going into the closet pulling down your pyjama pants!" story from my sister. Yep......I've done both of those things. I've also suffered from night terrors for as long as I can remember as well. My husband grew accustomed to waking up with me either screaming or kicking or even shattering something. I dreamt that I was being buried alive in a casket one night. As our bed was beside the wall, and I slept on the inside....well, you can guess the rest. I'm sure waking up to clawing and banging on the wall isn't very fun for my husband either. Another time, I wandered over to our dresser and took a wooden ornament and started smashing it repeatedly on the dresser top. Why, you ask? No clue. Perhaps this is why my husband now sleeps with one eye open. Maybe he fears he's next.

Now, a new generation of night craziness is taking place. My youngest daughter has been known to go into bedrooms and pull up the side of the blanket and pull down her pants. I have to move pretty quick when I see her start walking into a room other than the bathroom!!! She has also, and this terrifies me, gone down the flight of stairs to the kitchen and pulled out the garbage can and pulled down her pants. She's not awake at all when she does this, and when you talk to her, she starts to cry and doesn't know why she is there. My eldest talks and laughs and yells in her sleep. She also comes into my bedroom and either says something ludicrous or hands me her pillow, and wanders back to her room to go back to sleep. It's like a scene from an insane asylum here nightly. Hmmm, restraints might actually be a good idea come to think of it.

I kid you not when I say....this is NORMAL for our house. These activities take place on a regular basis. And my husband wonders why I don't get enough sleep or why I'm crabby in the morning! It's a long night when you are constantly on the lookout for someone to be tiptoeing across their floor to do who knows what.

I'd say, "well they'll grow out of it soon enough" but "I" still haven't!!! I guess I'll just have to wait till the day I can pass them on to THEIR husbands with the advice that his days of peaceful rest are numbered. In more ways than one!

Sweet Dreams!


  1. LOL! Thankfully, our night terror girl isn't as "dramatic" as your two. She only screams, kicks and cries, but even that has subsided as she has gotten older.

    A night cam at your house would be something interesting to watch! :o)

  2. I seem to remember a scratching incident also....LOL We all love to play this family bed,nightmare and dreams game don't we....