Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Day, Part Two

So yesterday the school buses were cancelled due to the crazy sub-Arctic weather we are having here. The girls were excited and checked the computer website right away when they got up. I awoke to shouts of "no buses, buses cancelled!"

I planned a full day for them. It's really the only way to prevent fighting and squabbles. So, while they played barbies, I did my workout. I knew the morning, for about an hour, was the only time I'd get that kind of quiet, playing nice together, time.

After lunch, we got all the ingredients together and made some bread. I got the recipe from the website. It was entitled "easy BIG bread" and they are NOT kidding. I don't own loaf pans (ie not much of a baker) but it didn't matter because they said I'd need two large cookie sheets. We had to let the dough rise twice before baking-which was kind of neat on it's own. It ended up tasting great, but definitely did not look "bread shaped" in the end. (

Next, we decided to make my eldest daughters favourite soup. It's from Looneyspoons. You can follow the recipe here: It's pretty simple to make and not as unhealthy as the typical broccoli and cheese soup.

Finally, we snuggled in my bed and watched a movie. (Mommy MAY have dozed off for a moment or two)

Then, we made various shapes with tape and Styrofoam plates and during bath time last night, we tried out our experiments to see which would float or not.

But that was yesterday. Enthusiasm was high. Novelty was on our side.

Today, buses are cancelled once more. We didn't awake to shouts of glee. We awoke to muttering and cursing. Our van's power steering line had cracked and was leaking fluid. After a call in to Kia, we now need to wait "potentially 24 hours" for a tow. And then, a new part. Luckily, the tow and the part are under warranty.

I've pulled out all of our colouring and activity books that haven't been used in awhile. I've taken out our play dough we made awhile back, and all the cookie cutters, plastic knives and bowls and plates. We're planning on making granola bars this afternoon. The movie snuggle time is required. (again, more for Mommy than anyone else) And, I'm hoping Day 2 can be just as fun, exciting and different as Day 1. I'm not sure about my working out though. That might be asking for a little too much!

Tomorrow is supposed to be JUST as cold. I'm not sure what we'll plan for that day!

One day at a time.
One freezing day at a time.

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