Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No Lack Of Confidence Here

I'm a big GLEE fan-I really love the show and have watched from night 1. It pretty much goes with my love of any type of musical, which has been the case since I was very little. I've seen a few Broadway shows as well, and just can't seem to get enough of the genre.

I've passed along that love to my girls. Obviously, not all GLEE material is appropriate for their viewing though, so I let them watch with my hand on the fast forward button. Sometimes that means they just get to see the songs, sometimes they see parts of the show, and sometimes they watch the whole thing.

Last night's episode was all about accepting yourself as you are, acknowledging the things you don't love, but taking it all as part and parcel of what makes you uniquely you.

My girls and I watched some of the episode today and it started a rather interesting conversation.

My eldest said, "Well, I'm totally awesome but I guess if I HAD to pick something, I'd say my toes."

My youngest answered, "I don't have ANYTHING about myself I don't like! There may be things OTHER people don't like about me, but I like everything!"

There is no lack of self-confidence or self-esteem in my girls, clearly. How refreshing to see such total acceptance of themselves! I hope they can take those attitudes with them throughout tumultuous teen years and beyond.

Maybe tempered with a "wee" bit more humility.

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