Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rainy Thursday

It was kind of a dark, grey, windy day and I was bummed when I woke up that I wouldn't be able to get a run outside. I was also super tired, again. I don't know what it is with me lately, but I'm EXHAUSTED. I guess I'm still fighting whatever, because the cough at night is also still ridiculous.

I got up and had some breakfast, and then decided I better get my gear on and hop on the treadmill ASAP before I talked myself out of it in favour of snuggling in for a nap with my hubby. He had crawled back into bed after the girls went to school and slept cozily until he had to go into work a bit later.

I did my Couch to 5k Week 5, Day 2. Today's "run" was running 8 minutes at a time, several times. I didn't struggle at all. Now, obviously, when I take this outside again it won't be that easy. The sun better be back soon because I need to get this down so that I can actually RUN my 5k at the end of May.

After the treadmill, I threw a load of laundry on and did my yoga. My dog was a nutcase today, licking me and sitting on me. It wasn't very relaxing. At all.

Once done, I switched laundry loads, cleaned the kitchen counters and surfaces, and got out my free range chicken.

We had bought a free range chicken at the market the other day, our first. Everyone I talk to says that once you eat a free range, you'll never go back to grocery store chicken again. Guess we'll see! I rinsed it all off with salt and water, and then put it in a roasting pan with lemon and herbs and roasted it in the oven. My plan is to get three meals out of this one bird. Tonight is with roasted potatoes and carrots and steamed green beans. Another meal will be chicken soup. I'm hoping to use meat from the bird for sandwiches as well as in one other meal-a casserole of some sort perhaps.

So, our dinner is almost ready. I've updated myfitnesspal for my day so far and encouraged and supported my peeps who are kicking BUTT, by the way! I did most of my "chores" though I have folding ahead of me tonight.

I feel like, despite the weather, I got almost everything on my "To Do" list done. I didn't get to cleaning the bathrooms....but tomorrow is another day. Besides, I'd rather enjoy my time with my girls tonight than worry about dirty bathrooms.

See ya tomorrow!

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