Saturday, April 23, 2011

Running Part Deux And Eating Non-Stop Part.....

I've been fighting a constant snacking urge since Wednesday-ish? I'm totally sure it's a hormonal thing (if you know what I'm saying, and I know you do) but I've been more acutely aware of it this time. That hasn't STOPPED the overwhelming need for salty/spicy snacks, or little bites of chocolate, but it's first steps I guess. I've been under my calorie range every day, and I'm exercising five days a week, so I have to look at the week as a whole and not just "today." That said, I also don't want to start excusing these little overages because THAT can be a slippery slope. So, on to tomorrow and a new day. It's kinda not the best day to get my mindset refocused, being Easter Sunday and all! I figure I'll just look at it as the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE instead!

It's just my wee family here for dinner, since our extended families all live in another province! I'll be making the meal for all of us, which has it's perks. I can keep my eye on how things are prepared and what goes in them. I did a vote with the fam, and we've decided to have a roast. (I also had a turkey breast and a ham!) I'm making scalloped potatoes with it, green beans with almonds and grilled asparagus. Dessert is cupcakes for the kids, and I'm making an apple streusal for the adults. We also always have hot cross buns for breakfast before heading to Church.

Now that the bad news and Easter news is out of the way, on to the running news!

Yesterday, I hopped on my treadmill to do another 25 minute run. I had my music going and after the 5 minute warm up walk, began jogging. I got to the 25 minute mark and still felt awesome, so I figured I'd keep going since 28 minutes is in the Couch to 5k in the next day or two. Once at 28 minutes, I STILL felt amazing, so I continued on to 30 minutes. I then walked 5 minutes at a 5 incline to cool down.

I was totally sweating bullets (well, my head anyways) but I felt incredibly fabulous! I did my yoga to stretch myself out and cool down and then just lay on the floor a bit savouring the moment and how fantastic I felt.

Writing this all down now, makes me realize what a difference a day makes! I went from feeling terrific and on top of my game yesterday, to total mess today. Big picture has been mostly upswing though, so I'll keep those feelings and that momentum in the forefront of my mind as I go into the holiday tomorrow.

Hoppy Holidays to you and yours!

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