Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'Twas A Glorious Time

We had a totally fantastic Easter weekend, the weather was great, the food was delicious and I got in a lot of family time and exercise! Even though I was kind of glad for routine to return (sort of) this morning, I DO love having my little family all together, all day.

Friday my youngest went to a playdate where they did an Easter Egg Hunt, dyed eggs, made cupcakes and did a craft. She had a blast! My hubby, eldest and I all went to the market and got some apples and then picked up a bunch of seafood. I made a veritable seafood feast that night! I wrestled (literally) lobster into a steaming pot, pan seared scallops, made mussels in a scrumptious broth, did some haddock for the girls and brought out a baguette. It was so delicious! I'm amazed at the price of seafood here and could eat it daily. How was I not born a Maritimer? Given my love for all things ocean, seafood, Celtic and such...I feel like I'm where I was meant to be. Corny, perhaps, but true.

Saturday the gang and I played outside with chalk and water and mud. Kids just seem to love that sludge and it's a nightmare to clean up, but that's what being a kid is about, right? That night, we gathered round the table to dye eggs. We all did various colours, with my girls mixing a little "too" much and getting brown a few times. My husbands' egg was the best though. He did a green and orange top and bottom, leaving the center white. Ya, the Irish flag. I felt a little misty eyed.

Easter Day I kicked some exercise BUTT. I ran a straight 35 minutes, walked on an incline for 5 minutes to cool down. I then did yoga for 25 minutes. Finally, after dinner, we took the dog and went for a 30 minute walk. I TOTALLY exercised off all the calories from my delicious roast and scalloped potato dinner. I actually managed to get exercise in and stay within my calories most of the long weekend. When I weighed in yesterday I was a bit scared, but the scale rewarded my efforts with a 2 lb loss. I'm down 4 lbs now since I really started recording, but more importantly, I'm feeling like I'm being truly accountable to myself and not for any reason but my own betterment. That's a personal victory, right there.

Next on the agenda, I mentioned we had painted my youngest daughter's bedroom. We spent some of the weekend putting up her pictures and hooks and such. Yesterday was room painting day for my eldest. The best part? SHE worked alongside her Dad, doing all of the lower cutting in. That means that "I" got out of it! Yay! I had to help around the window frame and door, but otherwise I spent time with my youngest out in the sun. We took our pooch for a long walk, through woods and up gravel paths, stopping at the park for some swinging along the way.

Today, I put my eldest's room mostly back together. There's picture hanging and stuff to be done, but it's almost complete. I rearranged her furniture how she wanted it and reorganized her closet and drawers. That in itself was a workout! I also took the liberty of chucking some stuff out that she hopefully won't notice. (fingers crossed she's not reading!)

All in all, it was a busy, fun, active, happy weekend. I've never felt more truly blessed.

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