Thursday, April 21, 2011

Runnin' Runnin'

So, all week I've been running on my treadmill as opposed to outside, whether due to time constraints or rain and wind. I'm on Week 6 now of my Couch to 5k, but I'd like to do some of the Week 5 outside before I proceed on the outdoor path.

Anyways, I did Week 6 and completed it on my treadmill yesterday. I've been struggling all week with my running though. Each time I've stepped on the treadmill, I have been really NOT feeling it. I've still pushed myself to "get 'er done" though.

Well, yesterday's run was to go for 25 mins straight, no walks. After my warmup, I was already dreading the run component. I set my incline and speed and started chugging along. Now, for the first 15 mins my mind kept going over how much time was left. I mean, like, repeatedly. I kept counting and counting. I finally decided I needed to concentrate on my music or think about my Easter weekend plans or SOMETHING, ANYTHING other than watching the time tick slowly by.

Around the same time, I started the inner dialogue about walking "just for a minute." While my brain argued back and forth, I kept on running. I was telling myself that "you got this" and "don't give up, there's only 5 mins left!" I'm pretty stubborn, which in this case worked in my favour. Other times? Not so much.

I ended up finishing the whole run without one single moment of walking. I was totally impressed with myself and mentally gave myself a high five! I did all of my
C25K program this week as it was designated, even though at no point did I want to do it. That's a huge step for me, and I know it's largely due to inner fortitude coupled with a great support network. I KNOW the ladies on myfitnesspal will be checking in, and I feel like I need to be accountable. That's a great motivator!

My goal this week was to workout at least 5 days. I have not a one doubt that I'll do it.

Now about that getting to bed earlier goal.....hmmmmm


  1. That's it...time to start texting you at bedtime to get your butt in bed LOL!

  2. AwessooommmmmmmE!!!!!!!!!! That's truly awesome! Ya see that's the thing about running, it's like a love/hate relationship because it's a battle with yourself. I struggle with that internal dialogue and time checking all the time. Today was the first time I used my garmin and set it to 2:2 intervals so instead of looking at the time, I'd just wait to hear the beep to know when to run/walk. It was a really great tool because my iphone was dead and I had no music!

    Just LOOK what you did?!?! You ran for a full 25 minutes STRAIGHT! I'm soooo impressed!!

  3. LOL Conny! I'm awful! 1am last night, up at 7am. The black circles under my eyes are growing by the day!

    Thanks Angie! I feel the "itch" some days to run, and others not at all and it's the last thing I want to do....I'm not a "natural" runner and wow I'm slow...but it's coming along. :)