Monday, March 30, 2009

Cooking 101

My eldest daughter is making dinner tonight. Supervised, of course.

She asked if she could make dinner one night, about a week ago. Yesterday, she poured over cookbooks and recipes and made up her menu. I had to advise her about "using what we have" and making foods that we would "all" enjoy. It took a few attempts and various ideas, but I think we have a manageable plan now. We went from a little over the top, to a little too simple (her words) to a compromise between the two.

She is starting off our meal with fruit kabobs. That will be followed by a garlic roasted chicken, cauliflower with cheese sauce and garlic bread. (guess we'll be stinky!) For dessert, she has hot chocolate planned and we have some brownies and ice cream already. She wanted to make cinnamon rolls but I thought that was a little too ambitious for the first night of "Dinner a la A..."

I will be helping as her sous chef and cleaning messes along the way, and afterwards. She's very excited though, so it should be fun. And hey, if she keeps it up, I can take a night off here and there!


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  1. Dinner was a success! She seemed really excited, so that was great!! She didn't like the "waiting" very much-waiting till the chicken had been in the oven awhile before starting on something else that took less time for example-but all in all-she did great! Now my youngest wants in on the act! She's planning HER "cooking night". lol