Friday, March 6, 2009


Today, it's dark and grey and dismal outside. But, the temperature is above zero and is supposed to remain that way for the next week. I can't express how much I need that warmth! It seems like it's been a long time coming!

I have some more house cleaning I need to do today (hiss, boo!) and I really should work out. I've been totally slacking. I haven't gone to the gym, I haven't done my new Zumba, I haven't done my new Bar Method. I haven't felt much like doing, well, anything.

Tonight the girls have swimming lessons again. My eldest passed her level (it's been five tries now!) and my youngest is still in the same level. While they are at their swimming, I have to do some shopping. My eldest has a sleepover birthday party to attend on Saturday, so I have to pick up a gift for her friend and get a few other things.

Tomorrow the girls go to their cooking class and I go to the gym. Afterwards is the sleepover for the eldest. I think I'll try and do a fun night with my little one. Maybe a pedicure and a movie. A girly night for her too.

Sunday is the ever exciting grocery shopping day. Again I say, boo hiss.

BUT-the exciting time is coming up! I cannot wait to go home for March Break. I probably won't blog that week while I'm away, but you never know. I just might surprise you! It will depend if I can wrestle my niece away from the computer long enough. We have a whole lot of fun activities planned so I hope to be a little busy combined with a lot relaxing.

The longer I sit here, the less I feel like doing those chores. I have a book just calling my name. Maybe I should just make a nice cup of Bengal Spice tea and curl up with my book. The last few months have been so stressful and I've been on such "high alert" all of the time, I feel like I just have had all of the energy sapped right out of me. It seems like every day has been a new crisis or new drama, and I feel like I just need some days, weeks, months to get centered again. A lot of people resort to sleeping pills or Prozac or whatever it takes to get through the day. I can understand that need, but it's just not me. My elixer is always some quiet reflection time, coupled with some zoning out time, coupled with some working out time.

I feel like I've been holding my breath for months, and now it's time to just....breathe.

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