Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mad At The World

I woke up this morning and didn't feel like writing the blog today. I just wasn't in the mood. In fact, I'd say I'm in a rather foul mood.

I'm sick and tired of bad things happening to good people, and bad people getting off scott free. There, I said it.

For all of those that believe in "Karma," I think it's crap. I truly do. I have known some truly horrendous individuals, and I waited a good and long time for them to "get theirs" and I don't think they ever did.

In fact, right now today, at this very moment, there are people out there that are oblivious to the needs or feelings of others. They sit in their glass houses, high above we small plebeians, and cast many stones. They are above helping someone they don't know, that is in need. They are above being kind to others. Some of them don't even care about the ruin and destruction they leave in their wake, as long as their own personal worlds are intact. It would physically pain them to go out of their comfort zone to aid another struggling human being.

And then there are people that would truly give you the shirt off of their back. That are wonderful mothers and sisters and parents and friends. That do "little things" for someone else every day, never seeking recognition or kudos. That nurture and caretake for the simple reason that someone else "needs" them. That don't deserve anything less than a life of happiness and butterflies and singing in the rain.

Why, oh why, do the crappy people seem to always come out okay, and the wonderful people have to haul heavy burdens???

I know there are theories galore about all of this. That the more bad stuff we experience, the more we learn and the more we are enriched, which in turn actually makes us even BETTER, FULLER individuals. That the crappy people never expand their empathy and kindness and life experience, which is why they stay shallow and superficial.

I don't really know and I don't really care, today. I'm tired of it all. I want something spectacularly good to happen to someone I know that deserves it. I don't want to punish those who also deserve it, because I never wish negativity on others. But I sometimes hope that there is "Karma". And that it strikes soon and it strikes hard. I guess that is kind of negative, after all. But like I said, I don't really believe in Karma so I guess that's moot.

But I do wish positivity on all of those out there who live their lives conscientiously and with integrity. In fact, I'm standing here, fists in the sky, demanding it.

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