Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So, on my quest to watch the Oscar nominated movies, I watched another last night. I've commented on Slumdog (loved it) and last night I watched MILK.

I think Sean Penn is a fantastic, terrific, character actor. He's believable in every role he tackles. I think he takes the roles he chooses very seriously and puts 110% into his portrayal. That being said, I didn't love MILK.

I actually fell asleep during it. Now, that could just be because I haven't slept well the last while, but I think it also has to do with the fact that I kept waiting for the "action" to start. The fact that not so long ago, and I'd even go as far as to say ongoing today, there existed such an ignorance and hatred for those that are different than the norm, is disheartening and shameful. The message that Harvey Milk stood for, in terms of equality for all people, not just homosexuals but also "Jews, Women, Blacks, Whites, Browns, Seniors and Kids" is of extreme importance today as it was yesterday. I still don't think we are there yet. That message was very powerful. His fight to ensure that right for all was very powerful. His role in that movement was significant. I'm not immune to that message nor do I not support equality for all. I just found the storyline or the dialogue lacked "something." I felt it could have been more compelling, stronger, more touching.
I'm still glad I watched it. I'm still glad I have that story in my head. I'm glad I've been imparted some useful knowledge from that film. I guess you could say I love the message, but not the film.

I've also been listening to some new tunes lately that I'm going to give a shout out about to you. I guess they aren't "new" but I'm liking them a lot and playing and replaying. So check out :

Josh Radin-He sang at Ellen and Portia's wedding. He has kind of a Jack Johnson feel. I love the song "Only You" and listen to it almost daily.

Adele-She performed at this year's American Music Awards, with Sugarland joining her. Her voice has a sultry, smoky flavour. I love her song "Chasing Pavement".

Lily Allen-Here is a girl that I can't stand on a personal level (she just seems to ooze idiocy and shoots her mouth off constantly) but her voice to me is very unique and gentle and melodic. Her new album is doing fantastic in both the UK and USA (her breakout there) and the song "The Fear" is worth a listen.

Lady Gaga-All of her songs kind of sound the same, yes. She's rude and crude, yes. But the beat on her songs is insanely danceable and catchy. I get my groove on to Lady Gaga.

And finally, can't stop playing the "All -American Rejects" song "Gives You Hell". It's kind of my anthem right now. I like listening to this while I'm working out.

Those are my reviews for this week! Check 'em out and let me know what you think!

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