Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sixth Sense

Do you ever get that feeling in your gut, which comes on suddenly, that "something" is about to happen??? It's an eerie kind of intuition that either warns or informs that there is something big around the corner, in the air, about to occur.

I've had it happen to me several times throughout my life, and I guess you'd call it a sixth sense. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened when I would have liked it to, such as in warning of something hurtful or serious about to strike, but it has given me the pervasive feeling that "something this way cometh." And I never know if that's going to be good, or bad. It's just a weird notion that hangs over me and that I can never really put my finger on.

The last time I remember it happening clearly was in April of 2007. I remember the date because I had written about it on my online journal at the time. When the feeling came, I sensed change was in the air. I wrote that I felt that something big was about to happen for me or for my family. We found out three months later that my husband had received a promotion that would require us to move four hours away and essentially uproot our entire lives.

But that's the other thing about this sixth sense. I never know if it will be happening tomorrow, or months from now. That's very annoying. It would be nice to have some accuracy with this gift I am supposedly lucky to have inherited. Would it be too difficult to pinpoint a date??

So, all of this to say, I have the feeling again. To make it even more strange, my friend who lives not only across the country, but in ANOTHER country (USA) has the same feeling. Now, does that mean my feeling is for HER? Does it mean hers is for ME? Or do we both just have a creepy feeling for our respective lives? Very confusing. I guess it's not an exact science or I could be the next Nostradamus.

So, I live with the foreboding thought that the winds are about to blow something my way. Will it be good news or not so good news? Will it be for me or someone else? When will it happen?

Or maybe I'm just crazy. I know many people might agree with that sentiment instead! But, of course, I can sense that they are wrong.

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