Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Day In The Life

Today I thought I'd indulge your voyeurism and give you a sneak peek into the typical Tuesday in my little world. I know, you are on the edge of your seats. It's never dull around here, even though it may look it on paper. With that heady warning, read on!

7am Wake up groggily with one or both kids either yelling in my ear, or from their room to my room. If it's a daycare kid morning (I do before/after school care some days in the month) than I'm up at 645am. If not, it's supposed to be 7, but the truth is I lie there trying to convince myself to actually lift the covers and move my legs for a good 15 mins.

715am Actually get out of the bed

From this time until it's time to go to the bus, there is a flurry of activity. I get myself ready. Well, sort of. I brush my teeth, smooth the rat's nest that is passing for my hair, and wash my face. Some days I add a little makeup. I get dressed in whatever is easily accessible and head downstairs.

Once downstairs, it's breakfast. This consists, every day it's the same thing, of a waffle and a yogurt, with apple juice to drink, for my little one. For my eldest daughter it's either cereal and fruit with orange juice to drink, or an english muffin and fruit. While they are eating (read arguing) I make their lunches. The lunch making is actually pretty robotic. My kids are all about eating the same thing day after day. So, it's pretty easy by now. I could probably do it my sleep, and some mornings it feels like I am.

I then clear off the breakfast stuff and wipe the table, load the dishwasher, turn it on if need be. The girls are sent upstairs to brush hair, wash faces and brush teeth. I try to ignore the loud water splashing and bickering over who needs the bathroom stool and who doesn't.

If it's a daycare day, I leave with the first group of kids at 8am. I then come back when they are on their bus, and get my two. When I come in, they are supposed to be getting themselves dressed in snowsuits so that we can get out there quickly. Most days, they have started but are stopped halfway because someone stepped on someone else's hat or mitts, or sometimes even an appendage. This is usually the ugliest point of the morning. Lots and lots of bickering. I'm sure my neighbours find it entertaining to see us arguing all the way up the street each day.

Once I've kissed them and sent them on the bus, I come back home to QUIET.

830am Make my breakfast (english muffin or toast or cereal) and my coffee. I plunk myself down unceremoniously in front of the computer. Ah sweet, sweet silence. I spend about an hour surfing the net, checking my emails, checking facebook, going to my survey sites to see if there are any surveys for me to do for cash, and reading and replying on the "moms" boards I've belonged to for nine years now. I then write the blog.

930am Start the days chores. This is different depending on the day, but on Tuesdays I wash the towels and the girls clothes, and clean the bathrooms.

1030am Workout. This has evolved as well. I've done 5 Factor Fitness and Pilates, my treadmill and Pilates, all three of them etc. I'm now planning (I say planning because I haven't done it yet and have just spent ten days doing no physical activity really whatsoever) to do a 5k running program and some Zumba and Bar Method DVDs. On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings I go to the gym though. Then I do a weight and cardio workout there.

1130am Make myself lunch. This is either a sandwich, or what I call a "picky" lunch. I like having a bunch of small things (which actually probably add up to a BIG thing) like a pita with hummus, olives, some cheese, tomato and a fruit like a nectarine or banana. I also decide what we are having for dinner and take anything out of the freezer or prepare in advance if need be.

1230pm Usually shower and get dressed "for real" and do my hair and makeup. On Tuesdays though, I don't bother. I know, gross right? The reality is that I go to the gym on Tuesday nights to workout so I just shower when I get home from there.

130pm Finish laundry and fold and put away. Tidy up and straighten if anything amiss.

2-3pm Sit on my duff. I either read or write or just think or surf the net. I call it meditation time. And trust me, I need it.

3pm Go get daycare kids, and then get my kids, from bus.

Get home, give snacks, check bags for notes and homework. Get dinner on the way. On Tuesdays, we eat early because we go to the gym for 530pm. The kids go to a class there, and I go and workout while they are busy running and playing. The daycare kids go, and we eat.

5pm Finish tidying dinner accouterments, get the kids ready for the gym, pack waters and shoes and bag, get out the door.

645pm Get home from the gym. The girls do any homework they might have and have a snack.

715pm Baths for the girls. Brush teeth, put on creams and chapstick. (the girls, not me. I'm still a sweaty mess)

745-8pm Girls read in bed. At 8 o'clock it's lights out for my youngest(who falls asleep in half a second) while my eldest reads until 830pm.

9pm Shower for mommy

From here I read, watch some shows and surf the net one last time. (it's an issue, I know)

11pm Bed. (ish) I'm not a great sleeper so I can ostensibly lie there for a good hour to hour and half. Sometimes longer.

And there you have it. Of course, you can add in other sundry details like "make phone calls" or "pay bills," but really, who wants to know that stuff? Other days are other chores and whatever, but you know the expression "same s&$%, different pile".....well, change pile for day and it works here too.

So now, while you are reading and so anxious and curious to know what goes on in my world (cough cough) you can rest assured that you have a detailed, chronological view.

What's that expression on Jon and Kate Plus 8? "It's a crazy life, but it's OUR life"?? Well, adapted for me and mine, "It's a routine life, but it's MY life." And trust me when I say, I'm all about the routine and consistency.

Now off to finish my coffee and peruse the latest on Perez.

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