Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

So todays's blog is just going to be a random update about all of the stuff going on currently in my family's life. Currently meaning now and in the near future. You know, cause I'm sure you're all chomping at the bit to know what goes on in these four walls.

Firstly, I got news last night from my sister that my Dad is going back into the hospital. Sigh. My sister had called and his wife said that since he got home he hasn't been eating, drinking or showering much. He's just sleeping a lot and lying around. In that time, about a week, he's lost nine pounds as well. She said she wasn't going to watch him fade away, so he's going back to the doctor today and she thinks back in the hospital. I honestly think it's just my Dad being my Dad and that he needs some tough love and a kick in the butt. The nurses did that in the hospital, but I think his wife is so concerned about nurturing him and taking care of him-she's not doling out the strict side you need with my Dad. I know if my sister talks to him, she'll dish it out to him though! Yikes!

Next, and I'm so excited about this, we are headed back "home" for March Break. We are going a bit early so we have even extra time to see my family and friends, whom I literally miss every day. It's hard being away from your support system, and nothing warms the heart or brings inner peace like being with those who know all of your faults (not saying that "I" have any of course!) but love you anyways. My daughters get to see their cousins, and their Granny, and their Aunt and Uncle, plus all of their friends. We are doing a bunch of fun activities, but really for me, it's just about being there. Being "home."

I have entered a bunch of contests lately to win various prizes like a trip for four to PEI, a trip for two to Ireland, a weekend at a spa and a million dollars. I'd take any and all of those things, though the million dollars probably wins out because then I could do all of those things anyways and share some of the wealth too. I have a friend who used to enter every contest out there, and she won all of the time too! She has since passed away, but I think of her all of the time when I enter these contests (and throughout my days in general!) and know she's probably cracking up. (I'm hoping she's also going to help me out a little too!!! Janet-a sista needs a win here!) So, if I am suddenly missing, don't be worried. It just means I've won and I'm off bathing in my millions like Scrooge McDuck.

Today I'm stripping beds and doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms. Don't hate. I know you are jealous! Once I'm finished my chores for the day, I'm going to do a little Zumba and Bar Method and see how I like them. The sun is shining and with so much on the horizon, it feels like something big is just around the corner.

Hopefully a GOOD something big.

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