Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beautiful days

The sun is shining, the window is thrown open, and the birds are chirping on the tree branches and supping on the snack in the feeder below. It definitely feels like Spring is in the air.

And there is something delicious and inspiring about Spring. It's why we feel like Spring cleaning and clearing out the old, the dark, the musty. It's why we start to be outdoors exercising or reading or watching our children play. It's why we start to feel alive again after months of dreary sludging through snow and ice and slush.

I love the feeling of having the windows open and the fresh air pouring in. (even though I hate that the neighbours might hear us all shouting at each other!) I love that we can put away all of the heavy layers that litter our closets and drawers and my front entrance with no closet for storage. I love that the sun warms my face as I wait for my girls to return home from school.

And I feel the stirrings of a "something new" underfoot and in the air. I have a thousand wishes and hopes and dreams. Spring has sprung, and with it I hope, has bloomed a sense of renewal.
A new fresh start, a new fresh earth, and new fresh projects.

Welcome SPRING!

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