Monday, April 6, 2009

Get the White Coat

When I'm stressed, I'm not a pleasant gal to be around. I'm okay if I'm busy all by myself or in front of the everyday average person. But if you're my friend or my family member (on whom I can spread my wrath easily and without filter!) then you better head for the hills, duck for cover, and wait out the storm.

This week is ridiculously busy for us. My husband has a big day at work on Thursday. He doesn't usually work Mondays, but he went in today to get ready.

Tonight, I have my first "parent interview" for the new daycare. I'm a total ball of nerves. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and unless I have things prepared the way I want or think they should be, than I'm a mess. I've revamped the contract and printed it out. Yesterday my family helped by tidying and arranging some of their stuff in the house. That leaves me today to finish getting the house EXACTLY as I want it. And then of course comes the actual meeting and chatting to this family. I'm telling myself just to let it flow as it's going to and just to let them lead with their questions, but it's still anxiety producing. I've done it countless times before as well, but for some reason this time, it's like starting all over again.

Wednesday, my husband and I have to go and register our daughters for soccer and pay for that. It's not cheap! Of course, it's waaaay cheaper than where we used to live. What we pay for BOTH here to play, was what I paid for ONE child to play back home. That's nuts! Ah well, more money gone to the kiddos. As it should be. We also have a meeting with the bank in our bid to live on less and pay down debt. Again, nerve wracking-but a good thing.

Somewhere in there, I have to mail out cards, do laundry, and pack for our four day weekend away for Easter. We're going to see the in-laws new house, which is a seven or so hour drive. (uuuugh!!!) It will be nice though because my husband has about a million cousins and aunts and uncles and second cousins (compared to my paltry two cousins with no kids!) so my children will get to meet many of their extended family that they've never met or seen. And, it's Easter Bunny time, so how good does it get for them, really?

I've given myself a time frame to get all of my chores done this morning, so that I have time to shower and get myself ready, and have a quiet moment or two to rest a little. I was up again most of the night worrying and fretting.

In lieu of said time frame, it's time to start hustling. Fingers crossed!

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