Friday, April 3, 2009

Chug Chug Chugging Along

It's Friday of a long week! Phew!

My youngest was home the last two days with a mysterious fever. She gets fevers quite easily, well both my girls do, but usually with other symptoms! She seemed totally fine, other than the fever. I'm chalking it up to her two big six year old molars coming in, but either way, she was home with me for two days. It's amazing how you forget in such a short time what it's like to have them home all day with you. That child never, ever, and I repeat EVER sits down. It's constant movement, motion, from one activity to the next. As we always say about her, "she's a busy bee."

She was mad that she missed a French play at school, but was happy to go back today for "Litterless Lunch" day and her class Talent Show. Every Friday they can perform something, either by singing or dancing or telling a story or whatever they would like. My "introverted" (choke, choke) child can't wait to get there and sing in front of the class. She was practicing a medley of hits yesterday. All day.

I had some good news on the home daycare front as well today. I had a response to my ad already and am hoping to set up a meeting for early next week. We'll see how that pans out. I also have another prospective client looking for two half days next week for an emergency care situation (her current sitter backed out) and then possibly starting full time in the next month or two. So, fingers crossed.

I did home daycare for almost eight years, but for some reason, I'm nervous as heck. I've enjoyed being at home with just my youngest, and then alone for the last eight months, but it's time to get back into the swing of things I guess. I can't be a lady of leisure forever. HA!

Tonight is the normal swimming lessons and then the typical weekend of the cooking class/gym. On Sunday I'd like to get a lot organized and cleared out and set up for the daycare as well.

Hope your weekend is bright and happy and full of sunshine. See ya Monday!

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