Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scooter, Charlie Brown, June Cleaver and Gandhi

What's with these Facebook applications with all of the million and one quizzes to analyze your personality? And why am I addicted to doing them??

I get on the Facebook site and swear to myself that I'm going to check out a few friends status lines, see what's shaking in their lives, and get back off.

Then, I'm drawn to my sister's personality quiz indicating that her vice is Sloth. Well, clearly I need to find out what my vice is as well!!! And then I see that another friend found out what TV Mom she is, and well, we all need to know who we most identify with in that regard!

Who was I in a past life? Which Muppet character am I? Which Peanuts character? What colour am I?

It's a little crazy! What's even MORE crazy is that oftentimes, the quiz results are dead on. The more of these little quizzes I do, the more my personality seems to be displayed for all of my Facebook "friends" to see. Even parts of my personality maybe I'd rather they DIDN'T see or know about. But the general consensus, shown in quiz after quiz, is that I'm a perfectionist who is a tad bossy and likes things to go her own way, thinks she's always right, is analytical and organized, loves her family and puts them first, is a great friend, oh, and wants world peace.

Yep. That pretty much sums me up in a nutshell. Add stubborn and earthy (cause that was my Element quiz result, you know!) and with a tad too much pride and there you have me. Don't forget the outer shell concealing the mushy, vulnerable inside which you'll never see anyways so never mind that. Pretend you didn't read that and move on people! Nothing to see here!

I'm starting to think that maybe I should refer to these quizzes from now on for all of my major life decisions. They are eerily accurate-much more practical than an eight ball! Or the Zodiac even! (though I profess that I do think the zodiac signs are accurate portrayals of the individuals of those signs personality traits. Just sayin'. And I'm a Virgo who is a perfectionist and always right and analytical so....well, you know I'm truth telling!)

I have many questions that need answering, and these quizzes seem to have all the responses and feedback I'm seeking. I'm off to find my Inner Rock Star and Which Celebrity I Should Marry. He might be waiting and I don't want to cross the Facebook Gods!!!!

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